The most comprehensive list of examining websites last updated on Mar 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Conservation news - Environmental science and conservation news Mongabay seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics,and finance on conservation and development.
Modern CSS Solutions A series examining modern CSS solutions to problems Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph), a seasoned frontend developer, has been solving for 13+ years.
Chatham House – International Affairs Think Tank logo Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute based in London. Discover what we do, visit our website today.
Christianity in View: Examining the Christian Faith Welcome to Christianity in View. A guide to understanding Christian Faith and practice: God, Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy and much more!
MormonThink: Examining Mormon history and doctrine Examining Mormon history and doctrine
Mohammad AbuDayeh CV/Resume Mohammad AbuDayeh, Software engineer, security examiner in the field of information technology, and expert in examining servers and websites
180 RULE | Examining Psychopathy Through the Lens of Girardian Theory The 180 Rule reveals mimetic desire as the source of psychopathic shame and envy. The Gray Rock Method prevents psychopaths from feeding on our emotions.
SME Magazine | Expert business understanding SME Magazine brings you news stories, features and expert blogs examining the key issues affecting your small- or medium-sized business.
Paranormal New Zealand Paranormal New Zealand is the home of Haunted Auckland, a Paranormal Investigation and Research group. We are a dedicated group of paranormal enthusiasts, sometimes known as "ghost hunters", examining the local ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, urban legends and forgotten histories of Aotearoa.
TPF Software Featuring zTPFGI for z/TPF (zTPF) TPF Software is the worldwide leader in test tools for IBM''s TPF operating system, and is now bringing its expertise to the new z/TPF (zTPF) operating system. The zTPFGI Suite is a comprehensive test management system for z/TPF.
Manhood, Race, and Culture | Committed to investigating, examining, and representing the African-American male, men, and manhood by offering commentary regarding the status of Black Men and Black Manhood as it relates to African-American Manhood, Race, Class, Politics, and Culture from an educated and authentic African-American perspective aimed at improving the plight of African-American men and African-American Manhood in regards to Politics, Culture, Education, and Social Matters.
Stephen Willats Stephen Willats has made work examining the function and meaning of art in society since the 1960s. Wall installations, project works, films & computer simulations, drawings & diagrams, bookworks and texts.
Concordia Social Cognitive Development Lab - Home Work in the Concordia University Social Cognitive lab can broadly be divided into three related concepts examining: 1. How children extend trust to others through the production of prosocial behaviours 2. The development of children''s ability to respond t
IPED - UK I Oil and Gas Management, Banking and Finance, Project Management, Business Administration and Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management Promoting and delivering quality professional training in OiI and Gas Management, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, Business Management...
Rethinkery Foresight | Rethink assumptions. Navigate the future. Rethinkery works with a diverse network of future-thinkers to analyze and advise on emerging issues and technologies.
Ex Tenebras Lux | An attempt to write extensively and consistently for the glory of Christ ! An attempt to write extensively and consistently for the glory of Christ !
Business Health Check | How's My Business Doing HowsMyBusinessDoing is an automated business health check, which is carried out by an Expert System created by Niall Strickland, management consultant.
Nexway - Where Payments mean Business. Sell online with Nexway's e-commerce and payment platform. We help you transform, grow and scale your online business globally.
facebook This is a photo storage service offered by Nikon.With it, you can securely store your precious photos.The service lets you browse, upload, and download photos without having to select a location or a device.It lets you easily share and post your photos.It also lets you review your shooting style by examining shooting data and other information.
Psychology After Dark Psychology After Dark is a podcast examining the dark sides of psychology and the human experience, including criminal behavior, psychopaths, cults, conspiracy theories, mass murder, demonic possession, and serial killing. We discuss these topics both from a traditional forensic psychology viewpoint, as well as from transpersonal, philosophical, and spiritual perspectives.
Sopranos Autopsy | Examining TV's Greatest Series "Oh no, it's another Sopranos website!  Aaahh!  Run for your life!!" In an article written for The Nation in 2001 ("Our Mobsters, Ourselves"), Ellen Willis described The Sopranos as "the richest and most compelling piece of television---no, of popular culture---that I've encountered in the past twenty years..."  In the time since she wrote this, The Sopranos has been discussed…
The Africa Collective | Examining social, cultural, and political trends and innovations on the continent Examining social, cultural, and political trends and innovations on the continent
Water Porn - Best Porn Movies WaterPorn.pro - number one Porn site in Internet. Please welcome to huge Porn resource with millions of totally free HD movies that You can easily watch online. We work really hard to create more and more movies to You, only High Quality and HD ones, big team of people is examining every video and only after that, videos get uploaded to WaterPorn.pro. All videos are devided into niches, where You can find any video You wish. There is also a search button at top that helps You to find any porn key You want to watch video of. Please welcome, we are happy to see You at WaterPorn.pro
Volume Gallery focuses on American design, with a strong emphasis placed on emerging contemporary designers. The Volume Gallery releases editions, publications and organizes exhibits that showcase the work of American designers to regional, national and international audiences. We are asking critical questions of what it means to be an American designer in a culture that is rapidly becoming more global, while simultaneously examining the American experience.
Youth Today Home - Youth Today Youth Today Home - Youth Today adheres to high-quality journalistic standards, providing readers with professional news coverage dedicated to examining a wide spectrum of complex issues in the youth services industry from diversity to community-based youth work. For more than 30 years, Youth Today has offered youth service professionals, policymakers, advocates and funders in youth services the latest news, information, grants, reports, professional development and research in the youth services field.
HOME Today''s Farmer magazine is the voice of MFA Incorporated, a Midwest farm supply and marketing cooperative. Each issue contains feature articles examining techniques and issues that help farmers and ranchers better meet the challenges of agriculture in the present and future. In addition, the magazine publishes technical columns by members of MFA''s staff agronomists, nutritionists and veterinarians; and a message from the president and CEO of the cooperative.
Bad Game Hall of Fame The Bad Game Hall of Fame is dedicated to giving bad games the due process they deserve. Through examining their history, reviewing their contents, and measuring their impact, we hope to bring about a better understanding of these oft-dismissed releases.
Home - Citizen Power Initiatives for China Citizen Power Initiatives for China 公民力量 is dedicated to a peaceful transition to democracy in China through truth, understanding, citizen power, and cooperative action.
Constantly Reforming | Biblical Theology in Action Welcome to Constantly Reforming. This site is primarily a demonstration of a new(ish) method of theological writing (for an explanation of my rationale and methodology, click here). I will be examining a number of theological topics in interconnected categories. For every major topic that I attempt to engage with, I will attempt to show the…
BluePrint for Education Sara Kraemer, Educational Consulting, Expert Witness and Testomony, Assessment and Evaluations, Workshops and Speaking Engagements for Educators and School Administration.
The Fat Feminist Witch The podcast where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand waving! We’ll be examining witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.
Rope Drop [dot] Net — Examining the Benefits of Being There at Rope Drop Examining the Benefits of Being There at Rope Drop
A Pursuit of Justice – Examining the Intersection of Business, Law and Politics
Centre for the Study of Religion and Conflict at NTU – Examining the origins, ideology, implementation, impact, and historiography of religion and conflict in the medieval and early modern periods. Centre Homepage
Explorers Podcast | A podcast examining the lives, explorations and discoveries of history's greatest explorers George Mallory and the Assault on Everest In our latest podcast series, we follow pioneering British mountaineer George Mallory on three expeditions as he and his companions try and become the first men to scale the highest peak in the world - Mount Everest. Learn more Latest Podcasts Marco PoloIn 1271, 17-year old Marco Polo,…
Consulting | Ablin Educational Services | United States Ablin Educational Services Consulting Strategies and Services in three critical areas for education. Whole school review and examination of mission and purpose, mentoring and mentor training for both leadership and teachers, and examining gender related issues including masculinity and equity.
Home - Citizen Power Initiatives for China Citizen Power Initiatives for China 公民力量 is dedicated to a peaceful transition to democracy in China through truth, understanding, citizen power, and cooperative action.
Lauren Washington I am a junior at Northwestern University from Kansas City, MO studying Radio, Television, and Film with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I tell stories that intentionally represent people, ideas, and cultures using creative platforms. As a young rising film director and screenwriter, I''m passionate about storytelling first, while simultaneously bringing new voices and stories to the forefront. My work is rooted in my experiences as a Black woman and exploring characters with complex desires or backgrounds that allow us to explore human nature/psychology. I enjoy conflicts that deal with reimagining oppressive worlds and examining the extensive dimensions of blackness. As a multi-genre creative entrepreneur, I specialize in numerous creative fields including photography, cinematography, etc. Aside from my filmmaking endeavors, I''ve shot album covers, worked on treatments/music videos, creative directed photography campaigns, and more. At the age of 17, I co-founded Project FILO (projectfilo.com) with my brother, which is a service that is for artists and by artists aiming to create a new paradigm in all creative industries. In the 2020 issue of Northwestern''s Dialogue Magazine, I was featured as a ''Woman To Watch'' within Northwestern University''s School of Communication and with that honor, I look forward to continuing using storytelling as the catalyst to reach even greater new heights.
Barbara Ellmann ARTIST STATEMENT I am interested in close looking, and examining how parts come together to create a whole. My 24” square encaustic paintings explore the way that we process and catalogue visual experience by using varying degrees of abstraction and kinetic juxtapositions of form, color, and pattern to suggest fleeting impressions, connections, and memories. Often…
Thy Word Alone is Truth: Examining All Things in the Refining Furnace of Scripture | "Sanctify them with thy truth: Thy word is truth." John 17:17 "Sanctify them with thy truth: Thy word is truth." John 17:17
The Rambling Taoist Examining the world around us through the lens of philosophical Taoism.
Difficult Dialogues|Difficult Dialogues: The state of law | Is India's Health a Grand Challenge? Difficult Dialogues is an annual forum examining issues of contemporary relevance in South Asia.
The Blog — Autumn Whitefield-Madrano A feminist beauty blog examining all the ways we shape beauty, and the ways it shapes us.
Cara Phillips Cara Phillips is a Brooklyn based artist whose practice focuses on examining culture through the lens of the female experience using photography, writing, and curation.
University logo that links to main university website Welcome to the Engin Laboratory The main goal of the laboratory is to understand the role of organelle stress in the pathogenesis of diabetes. We are particularly interested in examining the β-cell Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress and Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in the context of autoimmune diabetes. Recent News April 2017 – Our collaborative study…
Production Chemicals Optimization Unconventional Oil & Gas 2020 Examining The Chemical Production Programs To Effectively Manage and Treat Paraffin, Scale, Corrosion and H2S Build-Up To Prevent Downhole Failures
GAY TIMES Group | LGBTQ+ Media, Marketing, Agency + Consulting Welcome to the home of LGBTQ+ media. GAY TIMES Group is a global LGBTQ+ media agency specialising in gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans media, marketing, advertising and consulting.
Mike Daniels, Professional Drone Pilot, Photographer, and 3D Printing Designer | I am a certified FAA Part 107 drone pilot, and I offer a range of drone services, along with photography and custom-designed 3D printed items. I specialize in creative, high-quality HDR photographs of homes and neighborhood amenities, as well as drone photos and video, as RPIC, for residential and commercial properties. I also provide survey services, inspecting homes after storm damage or examining power lines, along with a variety of videos for the motorsports industry.
Neural Networks for Information Retrieval Machine learning plays an important role in many aspects of modern IR systems, and deep learning is applied to all of those. The fast pace of modern-day research into deep learning has given rise to many different approaches to many different IR problems. What are the underlying key technologies and what key insights into IR problems are they able to give us? This full-day tutorial gives a clear overview of current tried-and-trusted neural methods in IR and how they benefit IR research and our understanding of IR problems. Additionally, we peek into the future by examining recently introduced paradigms as well as current challenges. Expect to learn about neural networks in semantic matching, ranking, user interaction, and response generation in a highly interactive tutorial.
Squad Numbers Blog | Examining the fascinating and often maddening world of football numbers. Part of the Museum of Jerseys network, follow us on Twitter @squadnos Examining the fascinating and often maddening world of football numbers. Part of the Museum of Jerseys network, follow us on Twitter @squadnos
Where Light Meets Dark (www.wherelightmeetsdark.com) Critical analysis of the photographic, video, film and other evidence for the ongoing existence of Australian fauna including the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine), Tasmanian devil, East
ABCT – Addictive Behaviors SIG Check out the latest SIG newsletter here. The Addictive Behaviors SIG provides a platform for members within ABCT to communicate and collaborate regarding topics related to addictive behaviors (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, gambling) across the lifespan that include but are not limited to: research examining etiological factors and mechanisms that perpetuate substance use and related…
The First Global Nuclear War and a Coverup of historical proportions... Examining the evidence for a Global Nuclear war that occurred about 2000 BC or so
Williamson Home We make home décor for regional, national and international retailers. We were in business before you could buy a stud finder (that''s 1956 for us and 1980 for the gadget that saved your knuckles). To this day, we''re designing, customizing, proofing, ordering, manufacturing, examining, shipping and delivering.
Moline Skeptics – Examining claims of the supernatural, paranormal, alternative medicine, and conspiracy theories Examining claims of the supernatural, paranormal, alternative medicine, and conspiracy theories
Virginia Beach Eye Center | Clear Vision for a Lifetime Patient Portal - communicate securely with your doctor I want clear vision I have cataracts- what's next? Visit our Optical Shop Who We Are Welcome to Virginia Beach Eye Center where the benefits of advanced technology, combined with personal attention to your eye care needs, result in high patient satisfaction and excellent vision! From the moment you walk into Virginia Beach Eye Center, you'll feel the personal touch of our professional team. From reception area to the examining rooms, to the surgical suites, we've designed this state of the art eye center as a comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients. See More Our Philosophy You will notice the difference the moment you come through our doors. At Virginia Beach Eye Center, every member of our team is dedicated to providing superb patient care while treating you as an individual and our valued customer. We want you to feel that you now have friends in the eye care business and that you can trust us with your eyecare needs from eye exams, glasses and contact lenses to complex medical, surgical and refractive care. Visit Your Patient Portal My Online Clinic a.k.a. your "Patient portal" is a web-based tool that provides secure and convenient access to your physician and personal medical information! Have access to clinical summaries, renew prescriptions, schedule appointments and make payments all with just the click of a mouse! My Online Clinic Login Listen to the VBEC docs talk about hot topics in eye health and answer your questions! LISTEN HERE Procedure Quiz Which procedure is right for you? Take our interactive quiz to see! TAKE THE PROCEDURE QUIZ Give Us Your Feedback Please take a moment to leave feedback and/or comments about your visit. We value your input! Feedback Form "I highly recommend VBEC as the place to go for all eye care! I had cataract surgery in Feb 2016 and April 2016 (other eye). The whole procedure was easy and comfortable. Dr. Garrett and team were THE BEST. Everyone was friendly and concerned with patients well being."Susan Levy"Very pleasant and helpful at all times."Rosa Owens"My experience was very good. Looking forward to getting my other eye done. Thanks again."Patricia Pirog"I was very pleased as always with Dr. Sam Garrett and his staff! He is superb and so is staff at Virginia Beach Eye Center"ANY1"It was a delightful experience for having surgery!!"Joann Defilippo
World Focus Group At World Focus we undertake the challenge to stay abreast of the changing landscape, by examining the potentials of emerging markets, identifying new trends and reporting upon upcoming events of global significance.