The most comprehensive list of everyday objects websites last updated on Feb 1 2021.
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Visa Studio Cheha is a Tel-aviv based design studio, by designer and maker Nir Josef Chehanowski. We like to redesign everyday objects - with a twist.
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The History of Everyday Objects | Unusual History Trivia Are you a fan of unusual history? Sign up for our free daily email newsletter and get trivia on the history of everyday objects delivered right to your inbox!
Dimensions.com | Database of Dimensioned Drawings A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.
Timeless everyday objects and spaces | UP interiors Minimal, timeless everyday objects and spaces.
Welcome to Potala World - Tibetan Antiques - Asian Art An American based company specializing in the import of Tibetan Antiques, Buddhist Statues and Southeast Asian Antiques. Over 25 years experience in Oriental Art and travel to Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, and Burma.
S U N C H I L D | Well Crafted, Everyday Objects Sunchild is an online shop based out of Houston, Texas celebrating a creative lifestyle with well-crafted everyday objects. Newsletter subscribers get a special
Tom Robson – Photography & Musings, through the lens of Tom Robson Photography & Musings, through the lens of Tom Robson
Martin Mostböck Architect and designer Martin Mostböck designs houses, furniture and equipment, interiors and objects of everyday use. He rejects all superficial styling, going
the bucket board Do the Green Thing has teamed up with World Wildlife Fund-UK to curate the ''Everyday Things'' collection: fifteen artists from around the world were asked to repurpose daily objects and show how creativity can lead the way in encouraging people to live a greener lifestyle. When artist Mac Premo was asked to contribute to the collection, he partnered with Sanford Shapes to create skateboard decks made entirely out of material lifted from a dumpster. Mac then made the film below which shows the process and inspiration behind the Bucket Board...
Product by Process – Behind & beyond everyday objects.
Cloutier Ceramics Julie Cloutier is an artist living and working in rural California. Her ceramic work focuses on handheld sculptures, functional wares and everyday objects. She investigates domestic rituals through play and draws upon her architectural background to inform her minimalist lines.
Japan Suite VIBRANT & TIMELESS Japan’s hand-made crafts have played an integral role in the lives of Japanese for centuries, created in response to basic everyday needs and have long been used in the daily rhythms of life. They come from the earth and from nature, and they are prized for their simplicity and long life. Craftspeople pour their passion, pride and energy into their handiwork, creating objects that can far outlive their creators, but in doing so, they carry on the artist’s legacy. The artisans know their objects can live hundreds of years, and they would want to be just as proud of it in 100 years as they are today. Everyday household items take on a life of their own, their own spirit and their own story. They are unique, one-of-a-kind creations with a character and spirit that grows stronger with regular use. The artist creates the object, but that is just the beginning of the journey. In the hands of its owner, a relationship is created, one that is nurtured across time. Just as we do, these creations will change over time, developing new imperfections and new character. Each region and each artisan have their own character. In Japan, this is known as meibutsu. The legacy has been passed down by Japanese artists across time to today’s craftspeople who are advancing and redefining this tradition. We applaud these artisans, and we strive to support them as they re-interpret the heritage of their predecessors — We are proud to introduce their work, their stories and the passion they put into their creation here at Japan Suite.
Lorna Pridmore Lorna Pridmore’s work involves transformation of found objects and materials into thought provoking, sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing, new forms. Her practice centres on an exploratory relationship between artist and the thing, with creativity deriving from investigative, labour intensive, often repetitive processes of construction and deconstruction. Lorna explores points of resistance between artist and material – the point at which shape shifting occurs and the everyday becomes the extraordinary. artist, sculpture, repetition, point of resistance, construction, deconstruction, robert morris, jill townsley, tara donovan, tom friedman, david mach, transformation, transfiguration, shapeshifting, shape shift, metamorphosis, painstaking, punitive, ovid
Mignon Faget | New Orleans Jewelry Mignon Faget blends New Orleans architecture, local wildlife, and everyday objects to create timeless jewelry and houseware designs.
Objects of Use Objects for use in the kitchen, household equipment, handcrafted moveables, tools for the garden, and useful devices. Vernacular objects, living crafts, and everyday archtypes.
Tiny PMS Match A personal project of tiny proportion – matching small everyday objects to their Pantone® Matching System colors, by designer Inka Mathew. All pictures were taken with her iPhone and edited with...
Martin Mostböck Architect and designer Martin Mostböck designs houses, furniture and equipment, interiors and objects of everyday use. He rejects all superficial styling, going
www.subtleenergyfields.com Access BARS San Diego. Helping w insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, prepering for exams. Finding life purpose. Breaking the feeling of STUCK in life. Energy Healing
A florilegium in the spirit of Leo Tolstoy | Thoughts for Everyday: On Love, Humanity, Work and a Life Well-Lived Thoughts for Everyday: On Love, Humanity, Work and a Life Well-Lived
Gary Don | Home - Antiques – Auctioneers – Valuers - Removals – Leeds – West Yorkshire Gary Don is a family business based in Leeds and was established in 1929. We are experts in the buying and selling of all kinds of objects from fine antiques and paintings to everyday household furniture and bric-a-brac. We are the official auctioneers for Leeds City Council, and our auction rooms, Gary Don Auctioneers, have recently won the ‘Consumer’s Choice Award
Valerio Sommella Valerio Sommella is an Industrial designer, born in Tuscany in 1980. He graduated cum laude at the Politecnico of Milan in 2004, and began his design career with Stefano Giovannoni. After working for Marcel Wanders’ team in Amsterdam, he moved back to Italy and in 2009 founded Valerio Sommella Design Studio in Milan. He has collaborated with a wide range of companies, focusing on everyday objects, furniture, lighting and accessories, with the same attention for small scale productions as well as mass market.
Workshop Residence Workshop Residence engages the worlds of craft, art, and design. We collaborate with artists and designers from all over the world and partner with local fabricators to create functional objects for everyday living.
Rage Room | Whitmore Lake, MI | Destruction Depot Destruction Depot - Michigan''s #1 RAGE ROOM! Come break our stuff! Stress relief via smashing everyday objects with a variety of weapons! Book Today!
Massachusetts interior and still life artist: perceptual oil paintings by Jennifer O'Connell Jennifer O''Connell - New England Interior Still Life Artist - MA Painter - Representational Fine Art Oil Paintings Interiors Still Life Figure - Contemporary American Realist - Perceptual Paintings for sale in Massachusetts USA
WebDevWonders.com | [ Your everyday web development resource ] The post shows a super simple example of a node.js monitor and restart bash script.
Deer Tulum - Spirited Home Goods We believe that our homes and living spaces are manifestations of who we are. Objects, colors & textures imbue these espaces with a unique spirit and joie de vivre to our everyday life. We lovingly curate home goods from master artisans in Mexico and the world with a strong ethos of helping communities and artist.