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Michael Smith Inc From the most intimate residence to the grandest hotel, Michael Smith’s private design projects are elegant, luxurious and sophisticated collaborations among remarkable talents. Seeking out the perfect object, work of art or antique, Michael creates environments that reflect the lives and lifestyles of his clients.
Bespoke Porcelain Lighting Sculptures by Andreea Braescu, visual artist Bringing soul to a space: each bespoke porcelain lighting installation is purposely crafted to create a natural symbiosis between the space it inhabits
MiCA CREATIVESMiCA CREATIVES MiCA (Made in California) CREATIVES is based on the belief that everyone deserves to have a workspace that is both inspiring and productive. MiCA CREATIVES'' community of designer-builders create custom work environments at scale--desks, conference tables, shelves, cabinets, room dividers, signage, lighting, ancillaries--that reflect and enhance your brand.that reflect and enhance your brand and culture. We can manage the entire process from design, to build, to installation. Already have an architect or designer, no problem, we collaborate with them too. This enables timely custom solutions and excellent made in California quality, combined with fast turnaround and cost effective pricing.