The most comprehensive list of enables easily websites last updated on Mar 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Lumen5 - Video Maker | Create Videos Online in Minutes Lumen5 is a video creation platform powered by A.I. that enables anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content within minutes.
Similarsites.com - Easily Explore alternative websites Discover the best websites and explore competitor and related sites with Similarsites.com, the extension that enables you to browse associated content.
EasyBroker - The management and collaboration platform for real estate agents EasyBroker is a management and collaboration platform that enables you to easily create market studies and share your listings with your clients and other real estate brokers.
Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence Travis CI enables your team to test and ship your apps with confidence. Easily sync your projects with Travis CI and you''ll be testing your code in minutes.
Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence Travis CI enables your team to test and ship your apps with confidence. Easily sync your projects with Travis CI and you''ll be testing your code in minutes.
Mastering Book Publishing: Make Money Publishing Books On Amazon Discover A Proven System On How To Ethically Make Money By Publishing Books On Amazon Without Shady Marketing Tactics.
CALCMAPS - Map Tools Calcmaps has a lot of tools that allows you to calculate area, perimeter, distance, elevation of any plot of land, rooftop, or state border on a map.
Generation Esports - Engaging Communities Generation Esports provides an innovative platform for schools, businesses, clubs and communities alike to come together, engage and compete easily.
Animation finally made easy for everyone! - CreateStudio Create Studio enables everyone to easily create incredible videos for any kind of purpose in just minutes. Quickly Create any modern styled videos with...
Sitemate Technologies: Single Touch Software Sitemate software enables industrial companies to easily build or convert their ideal processes into a single touch digital format.
Nymeria | Find emails on sites like LinkedIn and GitHub with the click of a button! Nymeria enables you to quickly find a person's email addresses on supported sites like LinkedIn and GitHub via our browser extension or API. Unlike other email finders, Nymeria does not guess emails. Only verified email addresses are revealed. With Nymeria you can easily find emails as well as build and export lists of your email leads.
youtube Miradore's MDM software (mobile device management) enables you to easily view, manage, and secure Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. Try for free.
Search for property or real estate to Buy, Sell or Rent in Australia Easily! Australia Property or Real Estate for Sale/ for Rent | Property Queen Australia (www.propertyqueen.com) Property Queen enables user to search and view properties for sale or rent within Australia! Search for newly launched projects by prominent developers within a click away! Property Queen - The fastest way to find the best and featured properties, Map-based & Bilingual portal.
Shrink Me - Compress JPG, PNG, WEBP, and SVG Images Shrink Me enables you to easily compress JPG, PNG, WEBP, and SVG images in order to make your site / apps smaller and faster for your users.
Cut My Pic! The Free online image/picture/photo editor, resizer, cut, crop, round corners, filter, blur, drop shadow and colorize tool! A fun, free, online web tool that quickly enables you to resize, edit, cut, crop, add rounded corners and a drop shadow to your image, picture or photo! Now with special color filters, sharpening, denoising, and reflection tools too! Secure your friends or images data by bluring out parts of your picture that you don't want people to see! With our custom cropping tool, you can select an area of an image you wish to blur out, or you can select and area to remain clear and the rest will be blurred. We've also added a tilt-shift feature that blurs the top and bottom of your image with a special color filter that gives your picture or image a toy like feel. | たった3ステップで簡単画像加工 CutMyPic 写真のカラーフィルター、リフレクション、シャープ、コントラスも!
Icon Maker | Icon creator | font awesome icons Simunity free icon maker enables to easily create font awesome icons. This free icon creator / icon generator is free for any use.
ابزار پدیده - عرضه کننده انواع ابزار برقی و ابزار دستی OneMall is a clean, mordern and multi-functional ecommerce WordPress theme. With a focus on multi-purpose marketplace sites, it brings you various cutting-edge features including multi-home page designs, visual builder, RTL support, responsive layout, mobile layout ready, unlimited colors, powerful admin panel and many other amazing ones. Especially, with One-Click-Installation, it enables you to easily install your site in a few minutes.
WizeGem | Personalized jewelry online in 3D Looking for a unique personalized jewelry? Design or personalize the jewelry online and order it easily from the comfort of home. WizeGem web-based 3D platform, enables anyone to visualize the jewelry models in 3D, customize and buy it, easily and online.
Logezy- Temporary staffing solutions | Employee management software Logezy is a temporary staffing solutions that enables staffing agencies to computerize numerous routine works to keep tasks running easily. It is a staff management and scheduling software that offers the capacity to assemble the staff quality without retaining them full time. Employee management software
OM Connect Build your professional network: OM Connect is a friendly forum where you can build connections with others in the Old Malvernian community. The directory search enables you to easily find people by profession, industry, location or name. Find expert career guidance: Everyone who signs up to OM Connect has the option to offer to help others in their careers. This information then sits against their individual profile and means all users can easily see exactly who is willing to be approached together with the level of help on offer. Support others in their careers: You may wish to support others with your business experience, particularly OMs in their early careers. Through the platform you can offer mentoring, career advice, work experience and industry insight to those that need it.
Cleat Captor Cleat Captor is a docking aid for power and sail boats for use in marinas. Cleat Captor''s unique patented design allows users to easily and safely secure a line ashore so that the vessel can be hauled alongside allowing crew to safely step ashore to secure all mooring lines. The Mooring Captor enables users to hook up to buoy moorings easily even in difficult conditions. The Multicaptor kit contains both a Cleat Captor and a Mooring Captor to enable users to dock or moor easily and safely in just about any circumstances.
Ayli - Earn Money Browsing The Internet Ayli is a marketplace where companies pay for data you create while using the web and enables you to passively earn extra money each month
Basebuilder - Register your customers. Increase your omni-channel sales. Basebuilder enables retailers, e-tailers, FMCG and product manufacturers to easily register their customers, allowing sustainable one-to-one communication.
Madmagz Madmagz enables you to create a digital or a print magazine. Try it, it''s free!
Fork me on GitHub MGRS Mapper enables users to easily search for and create valid military symbols to drag-n-drop on a map with a Military Grid Reference System overlay. Built for soldiers.
Online Coaching & Training Platform | myQuest myQuest enables you to engage customers and employees anywhere, anytime. Easily train and interact with learners using AI, micro-learning, and gamification.
Home | Food Rescue for Businesses, easily Donate Surplus Food – Replate Our technology enables businesses to schedule on-demand pickups for their surplus food. We bring your donated food directly to those experiencing food insecurity.
Employment Background Checks For Small Business | ShareAble for Hires TransUnion pre-employment screening enables small business owners to do background checks quickly, easily & effectively. Free with no hidden fees.
Zilingo Trade | Zilingo Trade Worldwide: B2B Marketplace Zilingo Trade enables wholesale buyers and sellers in categories including fashion, lifestyle, furniture, home goods, office supplies, fabric, and FMCG to trade effortlessly online. Browse the digital catalogue, place and receive orders from trusted sellers easily, enjoy our fast delivery services, and benefit from flexible and secure online payment. Businesses that use Zilingo Trade can also access our offering of marketing and financial services.
Love Coupons | Personalized Printable and Digital Coupons for my Lover enables you to easily personalize romantic love coupons using your home computer with professional results.
Nilo-computers-kyotera E-Government enables citizens, enterprises and organization''s to carry out their business with government more easily, more quickly and at lower cost.Government of Uganda, is constantly exploring ways of becoming more efficient so as to make it as easy as possible for the citizenry to access eGovernment services. And then, Nilo computers is making...
HealthCloud - Standardising & Simplifying Healthcare Data The HealthCloud platform enables Organisations and Partners to easily develop highly interoperable solutions across the healthcare value chain.
Food Manager Classes: Food Manager Certification Classes for Food Workers needing a food manager permit, license, card, certificate, certifcation, course Food Manager Certification approved by the State of Texas. This food managers certification course is for any food manager or owner who needs to obtain a certificate in order to work in a retail food establishment or any individual who desires training. A zero risk web-based food manager certification course that enables your organization to test and certify food managers in the food service industry. Food Managers can easily receive their food manager permit, card, certificate, or license through the online food managers course.
Sodyo Home Sodyo provides the next generation of interactive scanning technology that enables users to easily scan a small marker and be instantly connected to any actionable content of your choice. We connect offline to online in any environment – outdoor, indoor, print & digital.
Thrift Store Websites - Thrift Store Web Hosting - Thrift Store Website Hosting ThriftStoreWebsites.Com enables you to have a professional thrift store website with the ability to quickly and easily modify and update it yourself.
Delightex - Bringing VR creation to everyone Delightex is a tech startup developing a unique game engine that enables anyone to easily create virtual content.
Chyme - Enterprise Chatbot Platform | Build AI powered Bots for Business Chyme is an Enterprise Bots Platform to easily build Digital Assistants (bot) for IT Helpdesk, Sales, Customer Service, Procurement and others. Chyme enables a Conversational Interface (Chatbots) with systems like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, and others to Simplify Work.
Work And Mother, Outsource your mothers’ room Work & Mother is a network of fully equipped pumping rooms for working mothers. Work & Mother enables employers to easily satisfy FLSA regulations.
Tolemi: Data Driven Local Government Software and Services Tolemi's suite of software enables data driven local government by delivering insights across multiple data sets quickly, easily, and continuously.
Home Elevators and Home Lifts by Stiltz Caribbean Stiltz home elevators are available for the first time in Caribbean – a stylish home lift which enables you to transfer between floors simply and easily.
Intelligent Systems for Modern Retailer ARC is a reactive commerce platform by RETISIO that is domain driven, headless, cloud based, and distributed. The customer centric intellige digital eCommerce platform is based on API-first, microservices architecture, AI/ML driven, is developed using latest technology stack that enables modern retailers to easily build and manage digital commerce sites.
UptimeRate | Free Website Monitoring UptimeRate enables you to easily monitor the status and health of Linux and Windows servers, websites, services, IP Blacklists and more.