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Yes MIDI Music Songs Homepage ClassicYes.net is the Net''s best info and discography along with MIDI music on the progressive rock group Yes. The Yes MIDI Homepage also includes album covers and many artwork pictures. Lyrics to be added soon. Yes is very unique in it has songs that range from a minute to almost 25 minutes in length. My site has added 2 CD''s, one focusing on the band''s greatest hits, while the other one includes some of Yes'' longest and mst renown songs. I now also offer Yes A-Z from the years 1969-87, which includes a mp3 song collection of all their songs in the formentioned time period, all in high quality stereo. Every Yes song is included from the debut album to the Big Generator record. All songs are already to be downloaded on your mp3 player or even your iphone or android devise. All purchases go towards the upkeep in this site. Thank you.
Dead Superstar - Home Dead Superstar is an intense melodic hard rock band founded by vocalist Terence Keith and bassist Troi Mosby (formerly of perseverance) in early 2005. Their passion to perform great music ignited the fire in them to create a powerful sound that would be heavy enough to rock the hardest head banger to the crossover masses. Dead Superstar began writing songs and rehearsing in late 2006, by 2007 they began their craft of flavorful soul rock, packed with grooves yet was heavily melodic. Their music is embedded with controversial lyrics of the human condition. The band recorded their debut album with Joey Z’s (life of agony) studio, Method of Groove, entitled “Tribulations”. The album is packed with 11 pounding anthems, powerful vocals, blistering guitars, thundering bass and grooving beats. Their follow up album I Did It For The Rock Gods was produced by Jerrod Mankin (Bobaflex) and recorded at red barn studios and mixed by Grammy nominated producer Johnny Karkazis.  Throw an unbelievably energetic live show into the mix creating the new big rock sound to the planet! DS plans to deliver their music and message to the masses, impacting as many lives as possible in the process.
MILKY OCEAN - REKHA - MILKY OCEAN: IYERN [Fe] RECORDS CANADA REKHA, The Official Website of REKHA, Canadian Musician and Visual Artist, Debut Album MILKY OCEAN, REKHA Milky Ocean, Rekha Canadian singer, guitarist, Rekha, Iyern [Fe] Records Canada, Believe, CBC
DJ Dave's Musical Musings – It's better to burn out than to fade away – Neil Young It's better to burn out than to fade away - Neil Young
Welcome to Shankar Mahadevan Offical Site |Shankar Mahadevan Welcome to Shankar Mahadevan Offical Website. Shankar Mahadevan has made this career jump count. After singing Jingles and Songs in Bollywood and down south he earned his first National Film Award for his song in ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’ collaborating with A.R.Rahman as a playback singer. But it wasn't until his Debut album titled ‘Breathless’ that he has become a household name....
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tHeARTofla | Exploring the core of LA's arts Exploring the core of LA's arts, culture and entertainment (and other LA centric things) with tHeARTofla
One Kool Blow The duo goes by the name One Kool Blow, and they play a variety of songs ranging from old Motown, R&B, blues and classic rock to modern pop tunes. They are also writing, producing and performing original material for their debut album, due out in late summer of 2017.
Spirit Machines - Debut Album "Feel Again" "Feel Again" is the brand-new debut album from Salt Lake City rock powerhouse Spirit Machines. Preview the songs and get for 33% off retail price now.