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Tree Huggers of America | A 501(c)(3) Organization | List of 10 Simple, Money Saving, Healthy And Environmentally Eco Friendly and Safe Solutions We Can All Use, Right Now. | Canvas Bags | Planet Earth | Put Out The Fire To be - A Tree Hugger -, to show your love and appreciations for Mother Nature, luckily is no longer a derogatory term, which was used by the Nation-Less Corporations, their PR goons, media, religious mullahs and the sold-out academia in the U.S. for the past 40 years, denigrating the rightfully concerned people who have been warning the humanity about the Global Warming and a whole range of environmental devastations caused by the nation-less corporations conducts all over the world. To become - A Tree Hugger - in fact should be a proud and honorable position to take and promote.
Radha Raman Vedic Temple - Orange County – RadhaRamanVedicTemple Radha Raman Vedic Temple purpose is to propagate the teachings and principles of Hindu religion and provide a place of public Worship.Temple conducts religious ceremonies on all festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja,, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganapati Mahotsav, Maha Shivaratri, Ram Navami and other Hindu festivals