The most comprehensive list of coin currency websites last updated on Mar 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
BitZ - Digital Finance New-Eco/BTC/ETH/USDT Exchange BitZ, established in Hong Kong in 2016, is a well-known digital asset trading platform of the world, which provides professional digital asset and OTC trading services to users all over the world.
Free USDC faucet | Free USDC Digital Currency | FreeUSDCoin.com Win free USDC after playing a simple game. Get Free USDC Digital currency up to 300$. We are a free USD faucet.
Coindar.org — Cryptocurrency Calendar Cryptocurrency events calendar. Coin and blockchain events & news live: halving, airdrop, release, hard fork, listing.
Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency faucet | Free BTC Digital Currency | FreeBitcoin.io Win free bitcoin cryptocurrency after playing a simple game. Get Free Bitcoin Digital currency up to 300$. We are a free bitcoin faucet & BTC.
Resfinex - Digital Asset Exchange Resfinex is a digital asset trading platform for ERC20 tokens, focus on providing the highest level of security, transparency and customer service.
Free BNB faucet | Free BNB Digital Currency | FreeBinanceCoin.com Win free BNB after playing a simple game. Get Free BNB Digital currency up to 300$. We are a free BNB faucet.
Ecryptoglobal Live Cryptocurrency data dashboard with real crypto currency exchange and can trade any coin pairs. Overview most advanced market capitalization, charts, prices, trades and volumes. Create real-time orders.
【GREEN】 🌏 Token - Crypto Currency born to finance green technology. Based on Ethereum blockchain with ERC20 standard Renewable Energy - GreenCoin Green Coin created to finance green technologies.
Live Iranian Rial (IRR) exchange rates in Iran''s free market Live Iranian Rial (IRR) Exchange Rates and Gold Price in Iran''s Free Market. Get Iranian Rial rates, charts, and IRR currency converter.
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Bitcoin Black - The Global Currency Bitcoin Black CryptoCurrency. Fee Free & Instant transactions. Fair Distribution. Giving the power back to the people. Join the Free coin airdrop.
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Crypt Casino | Bet and win crypto Play Online Casino - Pay in Crypto Currencies, Crypto to Cash - win Real Cash Real Money, echange crypto to cash
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ICORating Agency - IEO listing of Upcoming, Active and Ended IEO / STO. Complete list with Token Sales | ICORating ICORating contains a complete list of all IEO: upcoming, Active and Ended ICO with rating and analysis.
WavesClaim - The only WAVES and WAVES token crypto currency faucet Start your own crypto faucet or get free WAVES or WAVES tokens here. CoffeeCoin, WAVES Coin and more is available to claim here
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GSX | The World''s First Stable Growth Coin Gold Secured Currency is the first stable growth coin that increases in asset value. GSX gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, like a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies, all on top of offering dividends to its holders.
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Coincircle Coincircle provides a platform to design, architect, engineer, market, sell, and integrate tokens for established companies with market-leading products.
Dollar today in Mexico - Current exchange rate Current exchange rate of USD Dollar to MXN Pesos in Mexico, with buying & selling rates of banks and government ( SAT, DOF, BANXICO ).
Faucet Compound Coin Cryptocurrency For Free. Get COMP every 180 minutes! You can get Compound Coin Cryptocurrency every 180 minutes For Free! Claim NOW!
Softairbay Bitcoin Faucet – Free Bitcoins and Altcoins Welcome to Softairbay Crypto faucet. Earn bitcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, bitcoin cash, dash or ethereums for completing simple tasks. Claim directly to ExpressCrypto or Faucetpay.
Affordable Online Coin Dealer Around the World | Silver, Gold and Gifts Coins | UK We are an affordable Coin Dealer and We offer a wide variety of Base Metal, Silver, and Gold Coins online in the UK. Order online now!
Crypto-city | Create Your Future World of Crypto | Earn Points | Crypto city | Coin Cities of Tomorrow Crypto-city. Your complete bitcoin and cryptocurrency connection. Create your mining, trading btc bitcoin and economic development communities of today and tomorrow. Connect with friends, family and other people that believe in the self sufficiency of crypto, the sustainability of sustainable food production and off-grid housing and clean renewable power.
Coin Guides - Beginners Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Coin Guides helps users to understand the Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency. We publish latest Crypto News, ICOs, Coin Mining Guides, Wallet Setups, Trading Tips and much more.
https://www.faucetcoinwall.com - Earn Satoshi Faucet & Offerwalls,Games,Video,GPT,PTC,Daily Bonus. FaucetcoinWall is a free rewards platform where you can earn bitcoin by watch videos, doing simple tasks, answer surveys,installing mobile apps(free), playing games and much more. No deposit!
BackPacker Coin - Ours is the pioneering stable digital currency. The BackPacker Coin wants to eliminate various issues in the travel and hospitality industry. Currency conversion hassle is one of the biggest issues being faced by them. By offering our USD stablecoin and digital currency platform as a payment alternative, the BPC Is working to ensure that travelers can go anywhere without the need of currency conversions.
Terra - Decentralized Stablecoin Terra is a price-stable cryptocurrency that will power the next-generation payment network and grow the real GDP of the blockchain economy.
Coins, World Coins, Paper Money and Collectibles | Black Mountain Coins Black Mountain Coins has served the numismatic and coin collecting community for 13 years. Browse our store of over 18,000+ coins, foreign currency, paper money, and collectibles.
Coin Rivet - Latest Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News Coin Rivet is a dedicated digital currency global news site and an independent publication covering blockchain technology, blockchain jobs, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology, decentralised applications, the internet of finance, wallets, exchanges and ICOs.
Silver & Gold Coins | Collectible Banknotes | Rare World Currency – Great American Coin Company® Gold & silver & platinum U.S. coins, silver certificates, Federal Reserve notes, international currency.
Sàn giao dịch Mua Bán Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum và hơn 300 altcoins - Vicuta Vicuta.com - Sàn mua bán tiền ảo Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Altcoin và hơn 300 đồng tiền ảo uy tín, an toàn và giá rẻ nhất Việt Nam, Bạn không biết nên mua bán tiền ảo ở đâu và như thế nào, hãy đến với chợ Vicuta.
Stellar Lumens - XLM Coin Value & Explorer Find out the value of stellar virtual currency, live transaction, exchange rate from btc and usd and charts only here at stellar explorer.
SRI COIN - SRI COIN SRICOIN (SRIC) is Sri Lankan first decentralized cryptocurrency for consumers around the world. This currency is specially designed to make it easy for all Sri Lankans to purchase the cryptocurrencies they want through SRI coins, to purchase goods and services from SRI coins, and to exchange cryptocurrencies into Sri Lankan Rupees using SRI coins.
DigiByte Blockchain | DGB Coin | DigiAssets | Digi-ID DigiByte official website. DigiByte is an open-source and highly decentralized global blockchain that hosts DGB Coin, DigiAssets, Digi-ID and more.
BcoinMaker.com - Free bitcoins every 1 hours! Claim free bitcoin every 1 hours! Registration Bonus - 10(BMAKER)TOKEN - ( 1 BMAKER = min. 1 USD )
Cryptocurrency SeoCoin - is an advertising platform - SeoCoin.biz. Cryptocurrency SeoCoin is an advertising platform for high-quality promotion of their sites, projects or referral links. Only real crypto and dollar users on our site.
Cryptocurrency Live Prices - ICO''s, Exchanges, Reviews & MarketCap Find all coins MarketCap & ico reviews, real time currency live prices, historical charts, news, forum, portfolio, new ico reviews, ranking and ratings by visitors and people around the world.
Wider Coin-WDR-Change your money, change your life Wider Coin ( WDR) is the next generation digital currency built with blockchain technology. The Wider Coin operates as the world's digital currency, incorporating online e-commerce systems, shopping and real trade payment systems.
AI Crypto - AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy Innovation of Blockchain based AI Ecosystem. Best Team: SNU KAIST Ph.D. Specialists researching AI. Top Rated: ICOmakrs 9.6, ICO RATED 4.6 .. Pre-Investor 80,000+ Telegram Chatroom 23,000+
Binance Coin Faucet | BNB Faucet | Binance Faucet | Receive some Binance coin for free! BNB Free | Binance Coin free | Get free BNB | Up to 100$ in BNB Binance Coin is the digital currency of the Binance stage. It is an exchanging stage only for cryptographic forms of money. From the ICO, Binance issued its own token called the Binance Coin, with BNB as the symbol. BNB runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token standard.The token was established with a total supply of 200 million. As per our whitepaper, Binance plans to use 20% of our profits each Quarter to buyback and burn BNB, until 50% of the total BNB supply (100 million) is burned.
BitZ - leading new digital finance ecology of the world /bitcoin /Ethereum /USDT /margin trading platform BitZ, established in Hong Kong in 2016, is a well-known digital asset trading platform of the world, which provides professional digital asset and OTC trading services to users all over the world.
Cryptonits.com - Cryptocurenncy Cryptonits - CRT CRT Total Supply is 21,000,000 CRT just like Bitcoin and this is a maximum and we can''t create more Cryptonits. CRT may be stored, moved from one digital wallet to another, or converted into other digital currencies.
DSSminer Cloud Mining system DSSminer bitcoin cloud mining service automated hashpower hourly profit calculator Start with a low budget btc payment Affiliate system with 5 percents commission hourly income Holidays support HTTPS site 2 years contract
Coin Academy: Digital Currency Resources, Bitcoin Tutorials Coin Academy Free Digital Currency learning resources. Bitcoin tutorials, cryptocurrency tutorials. Curated content and original video lessons.
Buy & Sell Gold & Silver | Rare Coins | Carson City Coins | Reno Coin Shop | Northern Nevada Dealer Southgate Coins buys and sells rare coins, currency, casino chips, and gold & silver bullion. We offer numismatic educational tools and hobby supplies. We have price guides available to find out your coins'' values.
Sell your Gold coins, Gold Jewelry, Silver, Old Paper Currency, Comic Books, Movie Posters, Collectibles, Antiques and Memorabilia of all kinds. Sell your gold coin or jewelry collection or estate FAST to an A+ rated Member of the BBB Sell Gold to us! We are an A+ BBB member company buying collections of Gold in a fast, secure, no hassle transaction. Get our offer today!
仮想通貨速報 -忍- 仮想通貨の値動きチャート速報、アルトコイン(草コイン)情報、ビットコイン・イーサリアム・ブロックチェーン、各種ニュース速報ブログ
SWISSCOIN - We Trust in Crypto Currency. The crypto currency revolution is now available in 140 countries and has over 1 million users. SWISSCOIN is a future-oriented coin with secure and proofed Blockchain technology.
POS Rewards Made Simple | APR Coin APR Coin is a 100% decentralized P2P masternode currency. Using 100% Proof-of-Stake, APR Coin promotes environmental sustainability in cryptocurrency and global adoption.
Coincircle Coincircle provides a platform to design, architect, engineer, market, sell, and integrate tokens for established companies with market-leading products.
Jhon E. Cash - Rare Coins, Currency, and Collectibles - Welcome to www.jhonecash.com Jhon E. Cash Rare Coins, Currency, and Collectibles - Currency Specialties are $5,000 and $10,000 Notes, Star Notes, and Fancy Serial Numbers. Coin Specialties of High-End Rare US Coins, Monster Toned Coins, and US Patterns.
https://www.faucetcoinwall.com - Earn Satoshi Faucet & Offerwalls,Games,Video,GPT,PTC,Daily Bonus. FaucetcoinWall is a free rewards platform where you can earn bitcoin by watch videos, doing simple tasks, answer surveys,installing mobile apps(free), playing games and much more. No deposit!
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Mixed Money Counters, Currency Discriminator Counters, Cash Counting machines Ace Business Machines provides Sales, service, rent or lease a large selection of Cash Counter Machines, Money counters, currency discriminator counters, banking equipment, coin counters and wrappers, check encoders, counterfeit detectors and more.
cashtech.ie | Money counter | Coin counter | Counterfeit detectors | EV chargers Online Store offers a wide range of money counting machines, coin counting machines, currency checkers, money boxes. European standards at affordable prices!
Collectible Supplies | Shop Display Cases for Collectible Comics, Trading Cards & More - BCW Supplies Find the collectible supplies for comics, trading cards, sports memorabilia & more from BCW Supplies. Protect your collectibles by placing them in protective display cases.
BitZ - Digital Finance New-Eco/BTC/ETH/USDT Exchange BitZ, established in Hong Kong in 2016, is a well-known digital asset trading platform of the world, which provides professional digital asset and OTC trading services to users all over the world.
My Crypto Buddy An easy to use crypto-currency finance utility that shows a GPU miner the most profitable coin to mine with their specific hardware. The utility does this by calculating the instantanious profitabilities for each coin and ranking them based on the result. The tool also features a historical profitability graph that can be used to determine which coins have been the most profitable in the past to help the miner better predict which coins will be best to mine in the future.
MyDexPay - XMD New Crytpocurrency of the World. MyDexPay - XMD where the investors have a say, has brought an evolutionary innovation to the crytpocurrency system.XMD New Crytpocurrency of the World.
NumisCorner.com ~ Numismatics ~ Coins ~ Banknotes ~ Medals ~ Currency The online numismatic destination to start or complete a coin collection or simply experience that magic feeling of holding an old coin in the palm of your hand
Office Equipment Machine Shop | Paper Cutters | Money Counters Here you will find unique specialized repetitive task machines designed to make every work environment more productive and greatly increase accuracy by eliminating repetitive manual processing.
Ok.net - Fast, Reliable, Secure Crypto Exchange Ok.net is a digital crypto to crypto exchange market place. We provide 1000+ coin pair for trading among the markets for our users.
Office Machines/Business Equipment: Buy/Sell, Request Quote; Find Copiers, Printers, Parts, Supplies, Vendors & Services | OMBE OMBE features new & used copiers, printers, office equipment, toner, ink, supplies, and parts from worldwide sellers, plus U.S. machine/board repair services.
Projekt Autohaus - Willkommen bei Projekt Autohaus Seit 20 Jahren bin ich zertifizierter Automobilkaufmann und Kryptowährung Fan.Mein Ziel ist es, dass Du mit Deiner Kryptowährung deutsche Automobile kaufen kannst.#OneCoin #Bitcoin #Ripple #Ethereum #Litecoin #Monero #Dash #Iota #BitcoinCash #CoinCap #Coin Market Cap
STO List | Security Token Offerings | STO Listing - STOAnalytics STO (Security Tokens Offerings) list with analysis. Security Tokens list, ratings and calendar of ongoing, upcoming, funded STOs.
STOscope - Security Token Offerings | STO List Explore the STO lists with convenient sorting and filters. The STOscope provides complete information about all Security Token Offerings (STO). Join the future of digital assets with us!
مدونة العملات الرقمية مدونة عربية متخصصة في تداول العملات الرقمية، تهتم ب: أفضل منصات تداول العملات الرقمية، أسعار currency trading، forex trading، trading online تحليل العملات الرقمية، تطبيقات العملات الرقمية، منصة، محفظة لجميع العملات الالكترونية، بديل ادسنس، بدائل ادسنس، محفظة الكترونية، افضل محفظة للعملات الرقمية، بديل جوجل ادسنس، قنوات توصيات على التليجرام، ماهو البوت، أيردروب., trading platform, trading software, options trading, blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, coinmarketcap, ico coin, tokens
Vote Coin - Anonymous Crypto Democracy Vote Coin is an anonymous crypto currency best suitable for elections and other voting purposes, crowdfunding, delegated votes and more, based on Zerocoin protocol.
Xeonbit - The Private Digital Currency For Secure Payments - Privacy Coin Privacy Cryptocurrency - Privacy Digital Currency - Privacy Blockchain - Xeonbit - The Private Digital Currency For Secure Payments - Privacy
ZCore Network - Blockchain Ecosystem The first decentralized ecosystem that simplifies and standardizes data with blockchain technology. We provide easy-to-use, efficient and secure solutions using blockchain technology.
ZCore Network - Blockchain Ecosystem The first decentralized ecosystem that simplifies and standardizes data with blockchain technology. We provide easy-to-use, efficient and secure solutions using blockchain technology.
ZedXe - Buy & Sell Digital Currency | Online Crypto Coin & Bitcoin Trading Platform ZedXe is the best crypto coin exchange that facilitates digital currency trading and storage with its exceptional features. Users can also invest BTC in this digital asset exchange platform to elevate their profits.
Change Rousseau | Bureau de change Change Rousseau | Bureau de change
COINS NEWS - Latest Cryptocoins News Live 📉📈 Latest Cryptocurrency News Today! Just what you need to know to win big money with crypto coins. Check what are the trends in the digital currency market. Learn when is the best moment to buy Bitcoins or other Altcoins like Bitcoin CASH, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and a lot more. Cryptocoin exchanges & Bitcoin news today.
minterrornews.com - Bringing the latest mint error news to the collector. - Error Coin News, Features, Discoveries & Price Guide Welcome to minterrornews.com, bringing the latest mint error news and information to the collector. This is our third year bringing you both a print magazine and an on-line PDF magazine filled with articles, features and discoveries of major mint errors (striking errors) from the United States and around the World. Minterrornews.com has become one of the most popular and informative Internet resources for mint errors and is read by thousands of dealers and collectors. Two major minterrornews.com sponsors are Mike Byers and ANACS. Mike Byers is the Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News Magazine. Mike Byers (mikebyers.com) has been a Professional Numismatist since 1978. He is the largest dealer of the world''s rarest mint errors. He handles the world''s finest major mint errors and numismatic rarities. He specializes in U.S. and World Major Mint Errors and Die Trials. His new discoveries of major mint errors have been front page news for years. Mike Byers is also a Consultant for ANACS for Mint Errors. He is a life member of ANA since 1985, a charter member of NGC and a featured dealer/member of PCGS. He is also a founder member of the California Coin & Precious Metals Association and a life member of the Central States Numismatic Society.
EarnDailyToday | Bitcoin Investments | Bitcoin News and Price Get started with Bitcoin: Get realtime bitcoin price, find genuine daily earning bitcoin sites, buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, read bitcoin news post, bitcoin futures and get involved in the community.
IdealNY | TRUSTED FOR OVER 50 YEARS ESTABLISHED IN 1957 Ideal NY deals in coin collections, selling stamps and rare currency, selling stamp collection, stamp collection appraisal, collecting and selling rare paper currency and much more.
Welcome to Jakesmp.com, A family run coin shop exclusively online! Buying, Selling, U.S. Coins, Currency, Tokens, Medals, Coin Supplies, discounted, prices.
KryptoFranc crypto currency coin altcoin, Nicolas Choukroun, Jean Martial Lefranc The KryptoFranc is a new altcoin, which purpose is to support organizations and individuals who defend human and citizen rights all over the world. Today, the conditions in which charities raise funds seem less and less efficient, with ever increasing marketing costs for profits that, although they grow in absolute value, frequently deteriorate in terms of the relationship between collected and distributed funds. The ambition of the KryptoFranc is to bring new fundraising solutions for NGOs or individuals through the creation of a large community of voters who will select the cause(s) that will receive a significant part of our money supply every fortnight. The voting process will happen online via traditional web channels. Organizations and individuals who wish to apply for a donation will also have to do it online. Every fortnight, the KryptoFranc community will decide on a donation to a defender or a cause that support human rights, freedom and preservation of the Earth. The KryptoFranc already disposes of 2 billions premined KYF, which will be distributed in over a period of 10 years as free donations to causes we support. We believe that freedom in all its form has to be defended when and how the community decides it. In addition to voting, members of the community will be able to support causes that already received KryptoFrancs by buying the currency on the open market via the various exchange platforms on which it will be available. In that regard, we will create a dedicated exchange platform for charities to use and monetize their KryptoFrancs. This exchange platform will not be exclusive but will ensure the initial solvency of the currency. We count on this leverage tool to channel large financial flows in favor of freedom in the coming years. We believe that the KryptoFranc initiative can spark interest among a large audience for the following reasons: The very large audience of donors. In industrialized countries, nearly 60% of the adult population donates to charities every year. The growing number of organizations in need of funding. The United States alone is home to more than 1,2 millions charities. These organizations collect over 400 billion dollars every year. The phenomenon has now spread all over the world and Africa has become the continent with the fastest growth of charitable donations. In this environment, we believe that the KryptoFranc can become a reference altcoin for charities –several millions structures worldwideas well as donors –several hundreds millions of individuals. We are looking to initiate a virtuous circle in which donations will attract more donations and sustain the growth rate of the currency. This growth will attract investors and speculators who will replenish our initial donations.
Travelosthan.com | Let's Travel More... Introduction: The ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) is a cooperative regional effort to promote the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as one tourism
Delaware Valley Rare Coin Company - Trusted Dealer Buying and Selling Numismatics, Paper Currency, Bullion - Broomall Pennsylvania DVRCC is the Philadelphia region''s trusted dealer and resource for buying and selling numismatics, rare coins, paper currency and gold, silver, palladium and platinum bullion.