The most comprehensive list of buddhism websites last updated on Jan 1 2020.
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Learn Religions - Guide to the Beliefs and Religions of the World Explore the history, practices, and doctrines of the world’s major religions on Learn Religions. Find guides to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and more.
elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality. Videos, blog, articles on \\'the mindful life\\': Organics, Ecofashion, Buddhism, Conscious Consumerism, Education, Arts, Wellness, Adventure.
Lion's Roar - Buddhist Wisdom for Our Time Lion's Roar is the website of the Buddhist magazines Lion's Roar (formerly Shambhala Sun) and Buddhadharma, with exclusive teachings, how-tos, news and commentary on Buddhism, dharma, meditation and mindfulness.
BBN Community - Foundation for the Awakening Mind. The destination for news, blogs and content offering coverage of Science, Buddhism, New Studies, Health, Relationship, Life and Youth ~ BBN Community
BuddhaNet - Worldwide Buddhist Information and Education Network BuddhaNet - Buddhist Information and Education Network: Buddhist Studies, World Buddhist Directory, BuddhaZine - Online Magazine. Insight Meditation Online, eBooks on Buddhism.
Religion Unplugged News reporting and insight for Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and faith around the world.
World Religion News Articles Headlines 2019: Religious News Stories Blog Breaking 2019 religion news articles headlines, blog & service covering Atheist, Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim/Islam, Mormon, Hindu, Scientology, Shinto, Sikh news +.
Hindu Website, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Self-Development and Spiritualism Hinduwebsite.com provides comprehensive information on Hinduism and Hinduism resources, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, Self-help, shopping, news, web resoruces, and Spiritualism.
Fengshui BestBuy: Fengshui Tips, Feng Shui Products, Feng Shui Store FengShuibestbuy Offers: Feng Shui Products,Fengshui Store,Feng Shui Tips,Fengshui Articles,Feng Shui Resources,Fengshui Advice,Fengshui Remedy,Feng Shui Elements,Fengshui Info
The 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje: Official Website of His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje, His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa, is the 17th Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu, the oldest reincarnate lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
Insight Meditation Center: Insight Meditation Center Insight Meditation Center of the Mid-Peninsula, Redwood City, CA
ဓမၼေဒါင္းလုပ္မိသားစု free Dhamma Download or listen on-line most of the Dhamma Talks given by Burmese monks over the years in Burmese and english, Abhidhamma, ashin, Audio Library, Bhaddanta, book, buddha, Buddhism, buddhist, burma, burmese, Burmese Buddhist, compassion, Concentration, Dhamma, Dhamma, Dhamma Audio, Dhamma Books, Dhamma Database, dhamma ebook, Dhamma Magazine, Dhamma Talk, dhamma video, Dhammapada, ebook, Free, Free Dhamma Download, Insight, meditate, meditation, mental, Mind, monk, MP3, Myanmar, myanmar book, myanmar dhamma talk, myanmar free music video download, myanmar monks, myanmar MP3, myanmar VCD, myanmar video, Nibbana, peace, purification, Religion, samadhi,art of living, Sangha, sayadaw, Singha, Stress, Theravada, Tipitaka, Tipitaka in Myanmar Languge, Tranquility, Video, vipassana, /
Boloji.com - A Study in Diversity - News, Views, Analysis, Literature, Poetry, Features - Express Yourself Boloji.com is a portal dealing with weekly opinions on current affairs, social ethos, parenting, poetry, and a study of the diversity of India. The topics covered are Architecture, Astrology, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Dances, Festivals, Hinduism, Indian History, Literature, Places, etc.
AlanWatts.org AlanWatts.org is a living online library and museum of the works of Alan Watts. Curated by Alan’s son, Mark Watts, this website is the definitive online resource for all things Alan Watts.
៥០០០ឆ្នាំ (ព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនាខែ្មរ) ៥០០០ឆ្នាំ គឺជាគេហទំព័រថ្មីមួយទៀត សម្រាប់បម្រើការងារផ្សព្វផ្សាយព្រះធម៌ក្នុងព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនាខែ្មរ។
Ecosphere Spiti - Travel | Adventure | Eco-Tourism in The Himalayas Ecosphere Spiti ensures the sustainable development of the Spiti valley by establishing crucial links between local economies, conservation and development
Divine Way of Spiritual Heart Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual development
Download books, sacred, spiritual texts and PDF e-books Download holy books, sacred and spiritual texts in full length at holybooks.com. All e-books are free to read and download in full length as PDF
佛門網 - 香港佛教網站 【佛門網】為全球華文讀者提供正信佛教資訊, 提倡聞思修並重, 內容包括佛經詮譯、佛法討論、應用佛學、禪修經驗分享等。讀者可在網站內讀到漢傳、南傳和藏傳等文章; 內容遍及般若、唯識、淨土、禪宗等宗門;兼弘大乘和小乘。網站以弘法為目標, 以佛陀的教導為依歸, 學習菩薩的精神, 為十方、為眾生服務。以下字辭方便讀者搜尋佛門網: 正念、布施、精進、智慧、無常、無我、素食、法師、福報、溫暖、觀音、敦煌、生老病死、念佛、菩提、寺院、因緣、因果、如來、隨緣、慈悲、居士、和尚、戒定慧、Buddhism, Buddhist, Buddha, mindfulness, meditation, dharma, metta, monastics, zen, compassion
LankaWeb - Latest Sri Lanka News and Forum Latest News from Sri Lanka updated as it happens, including detailed analysis on Terrorism and Politics in Sri Lanka with free Classified ads.
Nalanda University Nalanda is a postgraduate, research intensive, international university supported by the participating countries of the East Asia Summit.
Home | Secular Buddhist Association Secular Buddhism learning, exploration, and practice with others on the contemplative path. Podcasts, videos, and live online practice.
The Tattooed Buddha | An Evolved Dialogue The Tattooed Buddha strives to be an open space for the author’s authentic voice. So while not necessarily Buddhist, we are offering a dialogue that is aware and awake to the reality of our present day to day, tackling issues of community, environment, and compassionate living.
Buddhist Online Book Shop - BCC Sri Lanka The Online Book Shop for All of Buddhist Sinhala, English, Pali books & Buddhist ritual Items - Buy Online | Worldwide Delivery | Buddhism from Generation to Generation
Shraddha TV | Buddhist Meditation, Mahamevnawa Monastery Shraddha TV of Mahamevnawa, is a Buddhist television channel in Sri Lanka, featuring Buddhism, Meditation and Spirituality. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda ...
Буддизм Алмазного пути | традиция Карма Кагью Буддийские медитации, статьи, интервью, новости, информация, планы, книги, фотографии и изображения, буддийское видео, буддийские проекты в России. Сайт рассказывает о традиции Карма Кагью Алмазного пути тибетского буддизма и о деятельности более чем 80 основанных Ламой Оле Нидалом буддийских медитационных центров и групп, действующих под духовным руководством 17-го Кармапы Тхайе Дордже.
SuttaCentral Early Buddhist texts from the Tipitaka (Tripitaka). Suttas (sutras) with the Buddha''s teachings on mindfulness, insight, wisdom, and meditation.
Ministry Matters™ | Christian Resources for Church Leaders Ministry Matters™ is a community of resources for church leaders. Whether your church has ten pews or a thousand seats, a praise band or a pipe organ, one-room-Sunday school or a network of small groups, a huge staff or just you. Free subscribers can search and share thousands of articles and resources.
Shambhala Publications | Books, Audio, and Online Courses for Enlightened Living | Shambhala Shambhala Publications is an independent publisher of books, audio, and online courses on Buddhism, Mindfulness, Psychology, Health & Yoga, and more.
Religions and Wisdom | Red Zambala Red Zambala is about Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedanta, Sri Vaishnavism, religions, religious experience and religious attainments - Sainthood, Buddhahood and methods how to work with Mind! The Better Future World - depends on the virtue of each, depends on our training in virtue.
soundcloud Study Buddhism presents authentic Buddhist teachings in a down-to-earth and practical way. Our aim is to bring the wisdom of Buddhism to the world.
Pure Dhamma - A Quest to Recover Buddha's True Teachings A site dedicated to explore Buddha Dhamma or the “laws of nature” as discovered by the Buddha, also called Buddhism. This site is solely based on the Tipitaka, and only the three commentaries included with the Tipitaka. The reasons for that are discussed in the "Historical Background" section.
蓮生活佛盧勝彥 真佛資訊網路 - 真佛宗官方首頁 (Grand Master Lu Sheng-yen True Buddha School Net - Official Website of True Buddha School) True Buddha School, founded by Grand Master Lu Sheng-yen. True Buddha Dharma teaches Vajrayana Buddhism to escape samsara and uses Tao to help sentient beings on worldly needs
Buddhist Pirith Chantings, Sermons (bana) mp3 audio downloads - pirith.org You can listen/download Buddhist pirith chanting (Pali), Sermons (bana) mp3 audio files from this web site. This site contains good collection of Pirith Chartings, English / Sinhala translations of Pali suttas and valuable Buddhist documents and resources.
The Buddhist Centre | Buddhism and Meditation from the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly FWBO) The online home for the Triratna Buddhist Community.
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review - The independent voice of Buddhism in the West. We are the leading independent Buddhist journal in the West. Teachings. Practices. Wisdom. Meaning. Utne Media award winner.
Buddhavani | Mahavani | बौद्ध महास्तुपमा गैरधार्मिक गतिविधि तथा अतिक्रमणकारी कामहरु भइरहेको भन्दै २२ बौद्ध संघसंस्थाहरुकाे विरोध | Online Newspaper kings and queen news of nepal with politics and political affair and buddhism |
MyHimyalayas - Diaries, Travelogues, Pictures and Maps from Nepal, Ladakh and Tibet MyHimalayas: Free travel diaries and travelogues, maps, pictures from Nepal, Tibet and Ladakh, Zanskar, Sikkim and the Himalayas.
PILGRIMS BOOK HOUSE Buy Books online, Online bookstore, Buy cheap books online, Latest Books, new editions, re-prints, rare and out of print books , antiquarian books on Everest,Books on mountaineering and trekking, Books on Himalayas, Books on Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra,philosophy, Yoga & Health, Books on Nepal, India, Tibet, China, Central Asia, Kamasutra,Erotica,Fiction,Non-fiction, Nepali books, language books, cookery,Nature, flora and fauna, stationary items, calendars, handicrafts, arts,organic products like tea, handmade natural soaps,natural dye clothing,aroma and handmande incense, herbal cosmetics from Nepal
Tibetan Buddhism | Nyingma School | Ewam Dedicated as an International Peace Center in Arlee, Montana, the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas supports people in cultivating inner peace and in preserving the ancient culture of Tibet. The mission of the Garden is to provide people of all faiths with an opportunity to generate profound merit, to reduce global negativities, and to bring about lasting peace. Through the use of the ancient symbols of Buddhism, the Garden awakens one's natural inner qualities of joy, wisdom, and compassion.
Bangkok City Life Style | Bangkok Travel Guide Bangkok Travel Information and Area Guide, Attractions, Restaurants & Dining, Sport & Activities, Shopping, Spa & Massage, Nightlife in Bangkok
Nan Tien Institute | Study Buddhism, Health, Wellbeing and Mindfulness Nan Tien Institute in Wollongong, Australia, offers postgraduate courses in Buddhism, Health and Social Wellbeing and continuing professional development for teachers and health professionals.
APSIS Music :: Artist Produced, Spiritually Inspired Sound APSIS Music''s artist produced, spiritually inspired recordings are an oasis for the human spirit, timeless music and poetry that uplifts, caresses and heals the soul.
Home Books, Journals, and Lessons that help you define your spiritual path and choose the best spiritual practices for your unique personality.
The Secret Law Of Abundance | universal law of attraction Meditation is relaxing the state of mind to help keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Meditation is one of the earliest practice for healing and higher consciousness awareness. There are many types of meditation techniques with some influence from the Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism.
RamaLila.net - Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz Writings by the students of Rama - Dr Frederick Lenz.
Tinfoil Ushnisha | Lama, senior disciple Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche 1981 to present disambiguating Tibetan Buddhism in social media since 2006 Lama, senior disciple Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche 1981 to present disambiguating Tibetan Buddhism in social media since 2006
Three Treasures Toronto Zendo zen buddhism meditation sesshin spiritual Three Treasures Toronto Zendo is a Zen based meditation group following the Sanbo-Zen stream of Zen. The Zendo group is not a drop-in but people who are interesting in joining, or wish to learn how to practice Zen meditation, are very welcome to contact us. We offer Introductory Lectures or Orientation to Zen meditation classes so that people can learn and experience for themselves the benefits of meditation.
Advayavada & More | Advayavada Buddhism – On course with Nature.
Deep Journeys | Interconnecting Christianity, Buddhism and Psychotherapy Welcome to Deep Journeys, dedicated to the ongoing conversations among Buddhism, Christianity and Depth Psychology. Old Dog Documentaries released a beautifully poignant film focusing on Bob Gunn's profound confrontation with his mortality: "It can come at any time – a life threatening diagnosis that suddenly makes death real. As he confronts cancer of the pancreas,…
Korea How | The English teacher's guide to living, working, and traveling in Korea. UNIJOBSKOREA.COM isn''t the only place with tips on how to get a Korean university job. Here''s some more advice...
Milarepa Buddhist Center of Iowa | Exploration of compassion and luminous insight The Milarepa Buddhist Center of Iowa is a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma center rooted in the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is our intention to create a community for meditation and Dharma study in order to benefit beings.
OSGI - Österreich Soka Gakkai International OSGI - Association for the Promotion of Peace, Culture, and Education
EUROPE CENTER – An International Center of Diamond Way Buddhism As an international meeting place, the Europe Center maintains the living transmission of Diamond Way Buddhism in the Karma Kagyü Lineage.
德噶明觉禅修中心Tergar Mingjue - 首页
ART OF SPIRIT: Free Resources and Paid Products for your SPIRITUAL Journey - including free downloads, MEDITATION CDs and Spirit ART PRINTS We are a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING Center offering FREE resources for your Spiritual Journey. We also sell spirit ART and YOGA / MEDITATION Music.
so where are you going? jo. 20. queer. muslim revert. mystic. i am small and soft and trying my best. فَأَيْنَ تَذْهَبُونَ
Discrimination in Buddhism | Japanese Buddhism and Social Action: Female and Minority Issues Japanese Buddhism and Social Action: Female and Minority Issues
Buddhism Bar Perpustakaan buddhism.
Thoughts from James H. Lui | If you Care a Little More, Things Happen. Bees can be dangerous. Always wear protective clothing when approaching or dealing with bees. Do not approach or handle bees without proper instruction and training. If you Care a Little More, Things Happen. Bees can be dangerous. Always wear protective clothing when approaching or dealing with bees. Do not approach or handle bees without proper instruction and training.
NoZen Zen koans and style sheets.
Soul Store™ – Inspires with daily thoughts to ponder Inspires with daily thoughts to ponder.
West Learns East east meets west, eastern philosophy, eastern studies, asian studies, oriental studies, buddhism, taoism, confucianism, shintoism, meditation, martial arts, kung fu, gong fu
中国佛教协会。中国佛教音乐网 China Buddhism Music Mp3 Wiki 中国佛教协会。中国佛教音乐网 China Buddhism Music Mp3 Wiki 佛教电视台 TV,佛教卫星导航 Satellite Navigation,佛教实时新闻 Immediate News。《佛教维基百科》 Buddhism Wiki,佛教网站搜寻 Google,佛教在线数字图书馆 Books。佛学知识宝库 Dictionary,佛教大藏经 Cbeta,佛教七宝 Treasures,佛教历史文化 History,佛教正法中心 Center。
Dzogchen Center – Awakening the Buddha Within – Lama Surya Das, Dzogchen Lineage Holder Dzogchen Center, led by Spiritual Director Lama Surya Das, offers silent meditation retreats and meditation teachings in the non-sectarian Tibetan Buddhist practice lineage of Dzogchen master Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche. Its mission is to make the timeless Dzogchen teachings available and accessible to all, for a wiser, more peaceful and more loving world.
Osel Dorje Nyingpo His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be giving a public talk and series of teachings in Miami, Florida from September 19th - 21st, 2004. Osel Dorje Nyingpo is honored to be sponsoring these events. ODN is a non-profit organization dedicated to world peace efforts.
Khachodling - Vision and Projects of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon Khachodling - The vision and projects of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon - Khandro-la
The Badgers Life If I had a memory I wouldn''t need this site...
Thư Viện Viện Nghiên Cứu Phật Học TP. Hồ Chí Minh - THƯ VIỆN PHẬT GIÁO
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Circling Cornwall CIC We exist to inspire and develop communities: increase wellbeing through Circling and related activities such as guided meditation, overcome social isolation, tackling poverty, create Circling facilitators and leaders, protect against discrimination and support those who experience it.
DHARMAKAYA CENTER - Welcome Dharmakaya Center is located in Reno, Nevada and offers classes and hosts events buddhist studies.
Official Site for Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö Khentrul Rinpoche is a Non-Sectarian Master of Tibetan Buddhism who specialises in the profound practices of the Kalachakra Tantra.
Sky Dancer Press Sky Dancer Press is a non-profit publisher of Buddhist works by various Tibetan authors. Our website is a source of free downloads of Tibetan Buddhist texts in e-book format and spiritual art., Online home of Sky Dancer Press, a non-profit publisher of books on spirituality and Tibetan Buddhism, spiritual dharma art
Some of my best friends are birds. Simply here. Some snippets from my life of semi withdrawal in my Ararat hermitage Walking a path guided by Buddha's teachings - supported by friends, animals, insects, plants and the earth itself
Đạo Phật Vào Đời - Living Buddhism a blog about real buddhism, buddhism on earth, editor: Sư Minh Tâm