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Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Wasteland 2. Моды, дополнения Lonesome Road, Old World Blues, Honest Hearts, Dead Money, читы, прохождения и многое другое. Сайт о Fallout 3 и Fallout New Vegas. Здесь вы найдете галерею, прохождения, карту пупсов и снежных шаров, сможете скачать моды и дополнения для Fallout 3 и Fallout New Vegas.
OneBeat OneBeat brings together musical leaders from around the world to create original work and develop a global network of civically engaged music initiatives.
NewsKo | Celebrity, media and campus crush. Ina Raymundo portrays a mother who gets abused by her son who is suffering from drug addiction this Saturday (June 15) in "Ipaglaban Mo."
NewsKo | Celebrity, media and campus crush. Ina Raymundo portrays a mother who gets abused by her son who is suffering from drug addiction this Saturday (June 15) in "Ipaglaban Mo."
Crawling Out of the Classroom | In everything that my students and I do together, we strive to find ways to use reading and writing to make the world outside of our classroom a better place for all of us to be In everything that my students and I do together, we strive to find ways to use reading and writing to make the world outside of our classroom a better place for all of us to be
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Unite Your Ohana Movement Unite Ohana movement was created to help with the reunification of all the broken families of the world. It not just about our family. To put family first is to put God first because God is in a Tribune Holy Family.
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Robby Romero | Red Thunder | Native Children's Survival Robby Romero is an award-winning Native Rock Music musician, songwriter, director, producer, & Native Children''s Survival founder. Learn more about Robby Romero.
Robby Romero | Red Thunder | Native Children's Survival Robby Romero is an award-winning Native Rock Music musician, songwriter, director, producer, & Native Children''s Survival founder. Learn more about Robby Romero.
Bold New Girls: teaching, coaching, & consulting | Empowering girls to feel happy, healthy, confident, & inspired through the integration of learning & social/emotional development First Published in Red Tricycle You may have heard of a "little" best seller called, Girl, Stop Apologizing (2019) by multi-media company founder, Rachel Hollis. I don't know about you but I've read it three times now, going on four. Hollis, speaker, author, and inspiring human being, calls us to action when she says, "It's time to be yourself, unapologetically, and to show the world what happens when a woman challenges herself for greatness. It's time to stop apologizing for who you are." (p. 210). I took her message to heart and started making changes in my own life, busting through some limiting beliefs and deciding to further design my dreams. Then, I considered how her compelling message could be brought to young girls and their parents. Here it is: our girls need to stop saying, "I'm sorry" so they can start embracing all they are meant to be. Spend any amount of time with a growing girl and you'll know this: they apologize all the time. "Sorry, I corrected you", "Sorry, I made a mistake", or "Sorry I just offered a creative idea." No! Girls need to stop the insanity of excessively apologizing for who they are and all they offer. I asked girls why they apologize so much and they explained that sometimes it's habit, or to fill awkward pauses in conversation. Yet, a lot of the time it's because they are afraid of hurting someone's feelings, disappointing people, or coming across as conceited. Girls instinctively apologize for their voice, presence, ideas, opinions and dreams and this is troubling. Why? Because for every instant she says, "I am sorry" she is eroding her self-confidence and self-belief. Think about it: with each apology, she shrinks into herself and shies away from the power of her contribution. She is missing the opportunity to feel good about what she brings to the table. Research tells us social media is damaging girls' self-esteem. I'm not going to argue. Girls are constantly checking their feeds and feeling "not good enough" as they compare perfectly polished pictures with their own bodies and lives. Yet, I am going to argue that they are also damaging their own self-worth with their apologies. Can we all agree that's it's time to trade in her "I'm sorry's" for some confidence boosters. Explain to her that when she apologizes and she hasn't done anything wrong, she loses her inner strength and power. Conversely, when she apologizes when she is in the wrong, she gains power and feels empowered. When girls learn to withhold unnecessary apologies, they become more bold and brave. Isn't this what all want? Here are three ways to do this: Check yourself. I know I may sound like a broken record, but if you want your daughter to change in any way, you will need to ask yourself what you are modeling. If "I'm sorry" is your catch phrase, even when you have done nothing wrong, start by noticing. Ask yourself, "How often do I say I am sorry in a given day?" You may be shocked by your new awareness of how many times you utter these three words. Then, start to replace "I'm sorry…for asking for a favour" to a more assertive, "I have a favour to ask". She is listening and she is learning and needs to see what "no apologizing" and "no limits" living looks like. Notice her "I'm sorry's". Any time your daughter says she is sorry without reason, challenge her. Girls apologize to me all the time when I offer them treats. "I'm sorry, I took a cookie" to which I respond, "Why are you apologizing?" or "No need to apologize, how about we try again with something like – thank you for the cookie." If she proffers an apology for her opinion, which, let's face it, will inevitably be different from yours, respond with, "I appreciate your unique taste in music which we simply don't share, but you do you." This is not to say girls don't need to apologize sometimes and be accountable for their words and actions such as when: they are late, forget to clean their room, or give us a sassy response. Notice when her apology is not warranted and help her see why. Practice replacement phrases to cultivate her self-worth and replacement role models. I have three prompts I use a lot with girls to help them feel empowered: "I am…" (followed by a quality or value), "I can…" (followed by a talent or skill), and "I will…"(followed by a goal or commitment). These phrases subvert the apology and build her inner strength, from the inside out. At the same time, I am convinced that by giving girls positive examples of young women who are offering no apologies for who they are and the difference they want to make, we can reduce the negative impact of some of the social media influencers they are following. Point her towards powerhouses such as: Bethany Hamilton, Ally Raisman, Malala Yousafsai, Brie Larson, or Kharis Rogers who have overcome a shart attack, sexual assault, terrorism, and sexism, and racism. Rachel Hollis offers no apologies for her hard work, passion and purpose, and success. I think that girls today and those supporting girls need to take a page out of Hollis' book and stop apologizing to start believing and then becoming greater and greater every day. Lindsay Sealey is the author of Growing Strong Girls: Practical Tools to Cultivate Connection in the Preteen Years now available on Amazon and Audible and Raising Girls' Voices now available at Lulu.com. She is also the founder and CEO of Bold New Girls and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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Candyce Counseling | Deep Center for Growth counseling site Please don't think you need to "get over" it. Don't think you just need to "be strong." Don't think you need to "fix yourself." Because you're human, and when you're human, you're guaranteed to experience these confusing things called feelings. Whether you've had your heart stripped wide open from the loss of someone who really meant something to your world, or you've had that same heart huddled up tight from a different type of loss—a job, a past, an identity, an opportunity, or even your sense of self—change hurts. Loss hurts. Life hurts. Sometimes, experiencing these hurting feelings might not always be the easiest to, well, experience. And standard advice to just "feel your feelings" feels, well, a bit unfeeling. Generic. Blanket. Cliché. And far easier said than done, of course. Feelings in and of themselves are hard enough. But when you feel alone with those feelings, being a human just got a lot harder. While you know those emotions are "necessary," you don't know what, exactly, to do with them. So instead of feeling your feelings—you feel lost. Lost is confusing. Lost is scary. Lost is lonely. Sometimes lost is the dirtiest 4-letter word of all. That light? That light is the fire in your belly… That light is eagerly waiting for an invitation to come out and shine. Together, we'll discover that light. No matter how dark it is. No matter how hard it seems. No matter how confused, ripped apart, and broken you feel. Or even if you can't remember the last time you felt anything at all. Because dark and torn open is okay. Because paralyzed, numb, and afraid is okay. Because upended and in transitional turmoil is okay. Because that little crack in your emotions that's beginning to show is okay. Because lost? Doesn't have to mean losing yourself. For unwavering support and thought-provoking ideas, settle into the blog. Are you a therapist searching for transformative training? Look into your options.
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Grace Church Home Grace Church is a multigenerational church dedicated to healing the broken places of the world AND helping our people find their calling to heal those broken places.
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Alka''s Sujok Acupuncture Healing Centre in Hyderabad ,SJ T Alka Sodhani. "NO DISEASE IS INCURABLE". If you are tired of prolonged medication with no results, excessive pain, stress, and entangled with lifestyle diseases then it is time to switch to Sujok. It an age old oriental medicine. It is a drug less therapy which uses hands and feet to cure. Acupuncture ,acupressure, colour therapy, seed therapy, twist therapy , magnet therapy ,moxibustion , smile meditation, samwondong , samwongong are some of the modalities that we use. ACUPUNCTURE: Definition Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted in the body at very specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body’s energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions. Purpose The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture as an effective treatment for over forty medical problems, including allergies, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, gynaecological problems, nervous conditions, disorders of the eyes, nose and throat, and childhood illnesses, among others. Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. It is an effective and low-cost treatment for headaches and chronic pain, associated with problems like back injuries and arthritis. It has also been used to supplement invasive Western treatments like chemotherapy and surgery. Acupuncture is generally most effective when used as prevention or before a health condition becomes acute, but it has been used to help patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. Acupuncture is limited in treating conditions or traumas that require surgery or emergency care (such as for broken bones). Description Origins The original text of Chinese medicine is the Nei Ching, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which is estimated to be at least 2,500 years old. Thousands of books since then have been written on the subject of Chinese healing, and its basic philosophies spread long ago to other Asian civilizations. Nearly all of the forms of Oriental medicine which are used in the West today, including acupuncture, shiatsu, acupressure massage, and macrobiotics, are part of or have their roots in Chinese medicine. Legend has it that acupuncture developed when early Chinese physicians observed unpredicted effects of puncture wounds in Chinese warriors. The oldest known text on acupuncture, the Systematic Classic of Acupuncture, dates back to 282 A.D. Although acupuncture is its best known technique, Chinese medicine traditionally utilizes herbal remedies, dietary therapy, lifestyle changes and other means to treat patients. In the early 1900s, only a few Western physicians who had visited China were fascinated by acupuncture, but outside of Asian-American communities it remained virtually unknown until the 1970s, when Richard Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit China. On Nixon’s trip, journalists were amazed to observe major operations being performed on patients without the use of anesthetics. Instead, wide-awake patients were being operated on with only acupuncture needles inserted into them to control pain. During that time, a famous columnist for the New York Times, James Reston, had to undergo surgery and elected to use acupuncture instead of pain medication, and he wrote some convincing stories on its effectiveness. Today, acupuncture is being practiced in all 50 states by over 9,000 practitioners, with over 4,000 MDs including it in their practices. Acupuncture has shown notable success in treating many conditions, and over 15 million Americans have used it as a therapy. Acupuncture, however, remains largely unsupported by the medical establishment. The American Medical Association has been resistant to researching it, as it is based on concepts very different from the Western scientific model. Several forms of acupuncture are being used today in America. Japanese acupuncture uses extremely thin needles and does not incorporate herbal medicine in its practice. Auricular acupuncture uses acupuncture points only on the ear, which are believed to stimulate and balance internal organs. In France, where acupuncture is very popular and more accepted by the medical establishment, neurologist Paul Nogier developed a system of acupuncture based on neuroendocrine theory rather than on traditional Chinese concepts, which is gaining some use in America. Key terms Acupressure — Form of massage using acupuncture points. Auricular acupuncture — Acupuncture using only points found on the ears. Chi — Basic life energy. Meridian — Channel through which chi travels in the body. Moxibustion — Acupuncture technique which burns the herb moxa or mugwort. Tonification — Acupuncture technique for strengthening the body. Yin/Yang — Universal characteristics used to describe aspects of the natural world. Basic ideas of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine views the body as a small part of the universe, and subject to universal laws and principles of harmony and balance. Chinese medicine does not draw a sharp line, as Western medicine does, between mind and body. The Chinese system believes that emotions and mental states are every bit as influential on disease as purely physical mechanisms, and considers factors like work, environment, lifestyle and relationships as fundamental to the overall picture of a patient’s health. Chinese medicine also uses very different symbols and ideas to discuss the body and health. While Western medicine typically describes health in terms of measurable physical processes made up of chemical reactions, the Chinese use ideas like yin and yang, chi, the organ system, and the five elements to describe health and the body. To understand the ideas behind acupuncture, it is worthwhile to introduce some of these basic terms. YIN AND YANG. According to Chinese philosophy, the universe and the body can be described by two separate but complementary principles, that of yin and yang. For example, in temperature, yin is cold and yang is hot. In gender, yin is female and yang is male. In activity, yin is passive and yang is active. In light, yin is dark and yang is bright; in direction yin is inward and downward and yang is outward and up, and so on. Nothing is ever completely yin or yang, but a combination of the two. These two principles are always interacting, opposing, and influencing each other. The goal of Chinese medicine is not to eliminate either yin or yang, but to allow the two to balance each other and exist harmoniously together. For instance, if a person suffers from symptoms of high blood pressure, the Chinese system would say that the heart organ might have too much yang, and would recommend methods either to reduce the yang or to increase the yin of the heart, depending on the other symptoms and organs in the body. Thus, acupuncture therapies seek to either increase or reduce yang, or increase or reduce yin in particular regions of the body. CHI. Another fundamental concept of Chinese medicine is that of chi (pronounced chee, also spelled qi). Chi is the fundamental life energy of the universe. It is invisible and is found in the environment in the air, water, food and sunlight. In the body, it is the invisible vital force that creates and animates life. We are all born with inherited amounts of chi, and we also get acquired chi from the food we eat and the air we breathe. The level and quality of a person’s chi also depends on the state of physical, mental and emotional balance. Chi travels through the body along channels called meridians. THE ORGAN SYSTEM. In the Chinese system, there are twelve main organs: the lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, urinary bladder, kidney, liver, gallbladder, pericardium, and the “triple warmer,” which represents the entire torso region. Each organ has chi energy associated with it, and each organ interacts with particular emotions on the mental level. As there are twelve organs, there are twelve types of chi which can move through the body, and these move through twelve main channels or meridians. Chinese doctors connect symptoms to organs. That is, symptoms are caused by yin/yang imbalances in one or more organs, or by an unhealthy flow of chi to or from one organ to another. Each organ has a different profile of symptoms it can manifest. THE FIVE ELEMENTS. Another basis of Chinese theory is that the world and body are made up of five main elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are all interconnected, and each element either generates or controls another element. For instance, water controls fire and earth generates metal. Each organ is associated with one of the five elements. The Chinese system uses elements and organs to describe and treat conditions. For instance, the kidney is associated with water and the heart is associated with fire, and the two organs are related as water and fire are related. If the kidney is weak, then there might be a corresponding fire problem in the heart, so treatment might be made by acupuncture or herbs to cool the heart system and/or increase energy in the kidney system. The Chinese have developed an intricate system of how organs and elements are related to physical and mental symptoms, and the above example is a very simple one. Although this system sounds suspect to Western scientists, some interesting parallels have been observed. For instance, Western medicine has observed that with severe heart problems, kidney failure often follows, but it still does not know exactly why. In Chinese medicine, this connection between the two organs has long been established. MEDICAL PROBLEMS AND ACUPUNCTURE. In Chinese medicine, disease as seen as imbalances in the organ system or chi meridians, and the goal of any remedy or treatment is to assist the body in reestablishing its innate harmony. Disease can be caused by internal factors like emotions, external factors like the environment and weather, and other factors like injuries, trauma, diet, and germs. However, infection is seen not as primarily a problem with germs and viruses, but as a weakness in the energy of the body which is allowing a sickness to occur. In Chinese medicine, no two illnesses are ever the same, as each body has its own characteristics of symptoms and balance. Acupuncture is used to open or adjust the flow of chi throughout the organ system, which will strengthen the body and prompt it to heal itself. A VISIT TO THE ACUPUNCTURIST. The first thing an acupuncturist will do is get a thorough idea of a patient’s medical history and symptoms, both physical and emotional. This is done with a long questionnaire and interview. Then the acupuncturist will examine the patient to find further symptoms, looking closely at the tongue, the pulse at various points in the body, the complexion, general behavior, and other signs like coughs or pains. From this, the practitioner will be able to determine patterns of symptoms which indicate which organs and areas are imbalanced. Depending on the problem, the acupuncturist will insert needles to manipulate chi on one or more of the twelve organ meridians. On these twelve meridians, there are nearly 2,000 points which can be used in acupuncture, with around 200 points being most frequently used by traditional acupuncturists. During an individual treatment, one to twenty needles may be used, depending on which meridian points are chosen. Acupuncture needles are always sterilized and acupuncture is a very safe procedure. The depth of insertion of needles varies, depending on which chi channels are being treated. Some points barely go beyond superficial layers of skin, while some acupuncture points require a depth of 1-3 in (2.5-7.5 cm) of needle. The needles generally do not cause pain. Patients sometimes report pinching sensations and often pleasant sensations, as the body experiences healing. Depending on the problem, the acupuncturist might spin or move the needles, or even pass a slight electrical current through some of them. Moxibustion may be sometimes used, in which an herbal mixture (moxa or mugwort) is either burned like incense on the acupuncture point or on the end of the needle, which is believed to stimulate chi in a particular way. Also, acupuncturists sometimes use cupping, during which small suction cups are placed on meridian points to stimulate them. How long the needles are inserted also varies. Some patients only require a quick in and out insertion to clear problems and provide tonification (strengthening of health), while some other conditions might require needles inserted up to an hour or more. The average visit to an acupuncturist takes about thirty minutes. The number of visits to the acupuncturist varies as well, with some conditions improved in one or two sessions and others requiring a series of six or more visits over the course of weeks or months. Costs for acupuncture can vary, depending on whether the practitioner is an MD. Precautions Acupuncture is generally a very safe procedure. If a patient is in doubt about a medical condition, more than one physician should be consulted. Also, a patient should always feel comfortable and confident that their acupuncturist is knowledgable and properly trained. Research and general acceptance Mainstream medicine has been slow to accept acupuncture; although more MDs are using it, the American Medical Association does not recognize it as a specialty. The reason for this is that the mechanism of acupuncture is difficult to scientifically understand or measure, such as the invisible energy of chi in the body. Western medicine, admitting that acupuncture works in many cases, has theorized that the energy meridians are actually part of the nervous system and that acupuncture relieves pain by releasing endorphins, or natural pain killers, into the bloodstream. Despite the ambiguity in the biochemistry involved, acupuncture continues to show effectiveness in clinical tests, from reducing pain to alleviating the symptoms of chronic illnesses, and research in acupuncture is currently growing. The Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institute of Health is currently funding research in the use of acupuncture for treating depression and attention-deficit disorder. SUJOK- An art of healing: Sujok is a Drugless therapy to heal and put a person to ease from his dis-eased self. The Korean word Su means hand and Jok is foot. It is acupuncture, acupressure, seed, colour, twist, chakra, tri origin, palm leaf, energy flow, six ki, zonal, smile meditation etc, using hands and feet for treatment. The inventor of the science is Prof. Park Jae Woo. It is very interesting to note that the structure of the hand and foot demonstrates a surprising similarity with the structure of the human body. This similarity is the manifestation of deep inner relationships existing between the body and the hand. Sujok is a theory based on the fundamental traditional information of- • Korean acupuncture • Chinese acupuncture • Indian Chakra system • Egyptian Pyramid Energy System • Mesopotamian Spiral Energy stem In Sujok therapy treatment is given at various levels  Physical  Metaphysical (bio energy system of the body)  Emotional (mind)  Reason (brain, intellectual) The Sujok therapy is not only a mode of healing but it explains the laws of nature in the form of naturallaws and philosophy of existence. OUR FOUNDER: Alka''s Sujok Acupuncture Healing Centre in Hyderabad ,SJ T Alka Sodhani.
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Ponderings of a Marshwiggle | I shouldn't wonder. But I do. By Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive We doDo you feel the world is broken? We doDo you feel the shadows deepen? We doBut do you know that all the dark won't stop the light from getting through? We doDo you wish that you could see it all made new? It isIs all creation groaning? It isIs a new creation coming? It isIs the glory of the Lord to be the light within our midst? It isIs it good that we remind ourselves of this? Is anyone worthy? Is anyone whole? Is anyone able to break the seal and open the scroll? The Lion of Judah who conquered the grave He is David's root and the Lamb who died to ransom the slave Is He worthy? Is He worthy? Of all blessing and honor and glory He isIs He worthy of this? He doesDoes the Father truly love us? He doesDoes the Spirit move among us? He doesAnd does Jesus, our Messiah hold forever those He loves? He doesDoes our God intend to dwell again with us? Is anyone worthy? Is anyone whole? Is anyone able to break the seal and open the scroll? The Lion of Judah who conquered the grave He is David's root and the Lamb who died to ransom the slave From every people and tribe Every nation and tongue He has made us a kingdom and priests to God To reign with the Son Is He worthy?Is He worthy? Of all blessing and honor and glory Is He worthy? Is He worthy? He is!Is He worthy of this? Is He worthy? Is He worthy? He is! He is! 
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I am challenging in this blog the broken and inhumane model of management and leadership in today’s business world which has not upgraded itself for hundreds of years.I strongly believe that the solution is in advocating and deploying the purposeful and humane model of leadership.
One Broken Mom Podcast | Amee Quiriconi | United States Today, I share my knowledge through my show One Broken Mom. All of my topics are backed by research and mixed in with my personal experience, so that others may find answers to their own struggles and find a way to have a better life. 
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Life after darkness – Living with depression while living for Christ Following Jesus through the darkness of clinical depression, and living for him when all else seems impossible.
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Daily Devotionals - Reconnecting a Broken World Reconnecting a Broken World
Royal Motor Yacht Club Since 1926 the Royal Motor Yacht Club has been operating on the shores of Pittwater. The gateway to Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River, arguably one of the most beautiful boating waterways in the world.
Dark Matter: Women Witnessing Dark Matter: Women Witnessing - Writing and artwork responding to an age of massive species loss and ecological collapse. A home for dreams, visions, and communications with the nonhuman world. A place to heal our broken relationship to the earth.
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(the page breaks here) An awkward, blunt, sarcastic control freak aiming for that impossible standard of happiness, by simultaneously living in a world of idealized fiction and the broken truth.
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Utterly Obsessed or Completely Uninterested aka CallieChat and Romionequickiefest ROMIONE! Ron & Hermione general Potter-ness  and a healthy dash of Rupert Grint
Jeszcze tego nie słyszałeś - Hipsterski coaching muzyczny. Recenzje płyt, relacje z koncertów, wywiady, felietony. Hipsterski coaching muzyczny.
L. R. Evans – One Writer's Slow Descent Into Madness One Writer's Slow Descent Into Madness
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Ziru''s Musings – Bringing various interesting novels to readers the world over! Extensive Site Construction Welcome to the new Ziru''s Musings website layout! It is still heavily a work in progress, so if you notice anything particularly broken, please take a moment and shoot me a message on Discord (Ziru#0001) or through E-Mail (ziru@zirusmusings.com). Constructive criticism is more than appreciated! New Releases NSFW Releases Patreon Releases New…
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GetFireAnt | The critical importance that social media currently plays in the lives of hundreds of thousands of smaller or larger companies all over the globe is incommensurable. Not only does the use of proper social media tools and apps help emerging businesses take advantage of online visibility, but it can also aid existing companies bounce two or three stories up faster than their managers could imagine was possible. Social media aggregators stand for the generic name given to the array of popular social network services everyone is using right now. These aggregators play the role of important information collectors. They are responsible for pulling together viable social media information into just one location. Companies using these aggregators get to keep informed on the type of products and new service offerings their potential prospects might be looking for. TWITTER IPO 2013! They get to rely their decisions on complex actions that involve RSS feeds featured on several social networks at a time, collect new friends and followers and turn them into clients, combine bookmarks and accurately consolidate messages, keep track of the times their company's name is mentioned in the online environment and do all this with the help of some special social media tools and widgets they can easily find on the Internet. The price of these tools and applications usually does not go through the roof and some of them are free of charge. So whenever a company is not fully satisfied with the services that a certain social media aggregator is providing it with, the respective company is recommended to keep exploring its options. There is an impressively wide range of choices to look into and the ever-evolving social media environment is forcing clever IT minds to add value to each upcoming social media aggregator, for competitiveness reasons. A business manager looking to considerably simplify the overall all-too-complicated social media experience of a company can read the product info all of these aggregators come accompanied by and make a clever decision. Online forums where folks are recommending or advising against these aggregators could also stand for some reliable sources of information at times, especially for the inexperienced. Successfully managing content across several networks under the same generous umbrella and hence incorporating social media into a blooming business all depends on the efficiency and accuracy of a social media aggregator. Some aggregators will personalize trending topics online, others will constantly keep an eye on Internet users' interests and needs in terms of information, some will carefully analyze comments and messages and other will even incorporate thoughtful social feed streams and useful bookmarks. All in all, the success of a business relies on the type of tools it uses to make itself and its products and services seen, heard of and talked about. No matter if your name is Frank Bobby and you are simply considering launching a new online T-shirt printing business or you are an experienced furniture company looking to get more out of your social media visibility, social media aggregators are the right impact tools you should make full use of. Pros and Cons of Social Media A lot of ink has been spilled over the matter of using social media means as promoting or boosting one's business. Social media web sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter have also been attentively analyzed for their powerful role as information sources, as well as for their ability to cause negative impacts and lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviors online. Shortly put, there are both pros and cons that should be mentioned in relation to social media, and you can check it out following the lines below. More and more people are creating social media accounts, wishing to stay connected to everything occurring around them on a 24/7 basis. Social media is also the breaking ground of promoting one's business worldwide, and you can now find and compare several accredited nurse practitioner schools, instead of choosing to visit that place or the other and spend a great deal of time doing unnecessary travelling. You can also check out the Facebook page of your favorite cosmetics' brand and see if you can find your favorite natural hair products or coconut oil for skin you can purchase online. You can also keep in touch with your friends and long-distance siblings, chat, share photos, videos, thoughts and wishes in real-time. All of these are to be considered the strongest pros of using social media. Plus, the tweets originating from trustworthy information sources informing you of the latest local or worldwide news are now successfully replacing your regular information sources such as the news or online newspapers. Today, information reaches you via social media platforms, and you no longer need to go on a hunt for it on a daily basis. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of inserting social media into your daily routine. Information continues to be the key to success, so, so far, so good. But the amount of time millions of folks tend to spend online is the disturbing factor we should mention here. The social media bug can be caught by a lot of people, and the gap between normality and social media addiction is not that large and hard to cross. Teenagers and young adults altogether are the main targeted individuals, as they are most interested in being hyperactive and keeping in touch with all the important events worldwide. If we are to mention to case of the Boston Marathon bombing and the misleading information that has been leaked to the public, or other similar unfortunate events such as the death hoax cases that have involved celebrities worldwide and which have caused psychological damage similar to car accident negligence, we can see why social media is also faulty. While you can easily buy some serviced apartments London via Facebook contacts, you can also be bullied via social media platforms, so, without drawing the fine line between the pros and the cons, social media can prove to be a tool that is hard to control. Social media: Mass connection or mass disruption? We live in the world in which everyone is connected to everyone else. However, I once read a quote somewhere which said something like go into the forest; you won't find an internet connection there but I promise you will connect better. This small and very simple quote managed to capture my attention greatly. It is true, nowadays the only place where we may not have access to a goo internet connection may be a deserted spot in a forest or out in the middle of the ocean. Everywhere else seems to have a good wifi connection! Go to the malls, you will find access to the internet so that you can 'check in' an let your friends know that you are having a great time. Restaurants also have wifi enabled. If you happen to go somewhere without a wifi connection, you can simply turn on the mobile internet service provided by your operator! Going online is therefore no longer a problem at all. Now you wouldn't just go online because you want o surf the internet in a public place; mostly people surf the internet at home! The main reason why one wants to go online is because he or she has a massive circle of 'friends' on any one or more of the many social networking websites present. Today, I will discuss the different roles that such sites are playing these days. The social media is often filled with details of an individual's life that should not be disclosed to the hundreds of 'friends' that a person has on these platforms. You see, some information is either too personal or too trivial to be shared with everyone an individual knows. The concept of privacy seems to be nonexistent in the present world; everyone seems to know where you are, what you are doing and how you feel. Relationships have been strained because of such actions; fights have broken out among friends over petty issues generated from the social media. We live in a world where people deem it important even if they have health problems like sciatica pain. What people fail to understand is that some things are better left unpublicized. Such details about one's life are not for show; they should only be shared with close friends and family. Speaking of close friends and family, often people have others added in their social network streams when they aren't even acquaintances. You see, someone you once spoke to on a bus simply does not qualify to be added to your circle. You see, you can delude yourself by the statistics on your social media sites that you have hundreds of friends. That random man standing next to a shiny automobiles may be someone you meet at the grocer's daily, however, that does not make that person a friend! One must understand that in times of need, none of these friends turn up leaving the individual broken and confused. It is true that the social media has brought massive changes to our lifestyle and that it does have several benefits. However, the destruction caused by social media is a lot more than the benefits it gives. Fire Ants; Beneficial Pest? It is sometimes easy to forget about the little critters of the microscopic world. Crawling around in a tiny world, so intricately connected to our own, are over 900 million different species of insect. Some of the most profound, and interesting species are the ants, and there is no shortage of them! There are over 12,000 known species of ants and the total biomass of all the ants in the world is believed to be roughly equal to the biomass of humans; scientists estimate that for every human alive, there are 1.5 million of them! One particular type of ant, probably caught most of our attentions when we were very young; the fire ant (or to clarify; ants of the solenopsis genome). Many of us probably had our first encounter in the form of a sharp burning sensation when we sat in the way of one; hence the name "fire ant". Yes, the fire ant is perhaps most notorious for it's brutal sting. Other ants tend to bite and then spray venom into the wound. The fire ant bites only to grip on, and then injects a venom through a sting in the abdomen. The venom is an alkaline compound containing solenopsin. The effect is painful for humans, and often fatal for other insects. Interestingly, this particular alkaline has been used in homeopathic therapies, and has recently had scientific light shed on it to reveal it's qualities as an antibacterial, insecticidal, anti fungal, and anti-HIV properties. The fire ant might be paying us back for it's stings. That's better than the deals on nomorerack. Another claim to fame made by a certain fire ant, the Solenopsis invicta has another claim to fame; it is said to cause an estimated $5 billion in damages per year to North America, in medical treatment, damage, and control. These is an invasive fire ant species which is said to arrived by boat in the early 1900's. But there is much more to the fire ant than it's distinguishable sting, and it's ability to run up a whopping bill with the FDA. Like other ants, the societies they form are vast and complex, hierarchical and efficient, and there is much scientific interest around them. To nest, the fire ant produces large mounds, sometimes in open areas. They feed off plants, seeds, other insects like crickets, and sometimes small animals, which they are capable of attacking, and sometimes killing and eating. Colonies are founded by queen ants, who can give birth to an expansive population in a matter of months. Their primary focus is breeding, and they can lay up to 3,500 eggs in a single day. They live for around 6 or 7 years; much longer than any ant workers or males. That makes for a lot of eggs, perhaps as many as 9 million in a queen's lifetime. The workers, and soldiers, in the colony are born sterile, to the reproductive process of the queen. The workers tend to take care of the everyday tasks around the nest, including foraging for food, taking care of the larvae, and cleaning the nest. The soldiers are bigger, stronger ants, which have powerful mandibles. There are male ants in the fire ant societies, and their role is mate with the queen. Before anyone starts thinking this is the easy job, the male seems only to live for reason of this mating; he dies shortly afterwards. The males, and the queen, interestingly, have been shown to be born to a "cloning" process. Where workers are born to normal reproductive processes on the part of the queen, daughter queens are always clonally produced. This increases the queens relatedness to reproductive daughters but potentially damages the males reproductive success. As a result of this the male has developed a response by reproducing clonally too! They achieve this, it is suggested, by eliminating the maternal half of the genome in diploid eggs. Perhaps even more bizarrely, some colonies of fire ants have only one queen, known as a monogyne queen, and some societies involve multiple queens, aptly named a polygyne colony. The two colonies have also been shown to display differences in behaviour, with the monogyne acting more aggressively, and territorially, killing any queen that tries to attach itself to the colony. The polygene colonies, on the other hand, accepts strangers, including new queens to help colonize. Whether you love them, or hate them, the fire ant is a fascinating creature. With social and political structures that seem as complex as our own, stinging venoms that could become potential cures, and strange genetic behaviours that are leaving scientists baffled, the fire ant earns it's right to be king of the insects.