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Visa Do you believe in magic? Our Fairy Light Tree™ was inspired by old Irish folklores and our fascination in things magical. Our goal is to help you bring out your inner sense of wonder and enchantment using our wonderful Fairy Lights. Fill your space with harmony, warmth, and comfort today!
The Bridal Box - All Your Wedding Needs @ One Place The premier online destination for all things wedding! Home to the best selection of pages on bridal dresses, makeup, mehndi, planning, love, honeymoon and much more.
Listen to Calming Music Online With the Calm Radio App. Listen to Free Calm and Relaxation Music Online with Calm Radio App Calm Radio is a music streaming alternative that offers calming music. Listen to classical and relaxation music for work and sleep, online jazz music with nature sounds, meditation and world music available on our Calm Radio app.
Spiritual Life Coaching Services-South Florida Spiritual Life Coaching As a spiritual life coach, I am dedicated to different expressions of love. Love of truth, love of learning and love of self. It is my mission to create a place where peace and harmony dwell. As a spiritual life coach, I am inspired to share my teachings with all those who desire to bring healing into their life.
Roger Spees - intuitive flow pianist and composer Roger Spees is an intuitive flow pianist and a spontaneous composer. He comprovises music in the moment right from the heart to open up hearts and bring harmony.
Elumina: Art Shop Powered by Sacred Geometry & Archetypes Minimalist art designed using the superpowers of sacred geometry, archetypes, and ancient knowledge to bring harmony to your space.
Outstore - Outdoor Storage Solutions for Aussies Outdoor storage solutions for the Australian lifestyle! Quality Garden Sheds, Bike & Bin Covers, Storage Boxes and Bench Seats that will enhance your outdoor space. Bring harmony and organisation to your life today with a KETER outdoor storage solution.
Kirtan Vancouver For Vancouver''s mantra music lovers! Kirtan is one of the oldest sacred yoga traditions of the world. It is a call-and-response chanting genre. “Say the Mantra, Repeat, Faster, Louder, Be Meaningful.” Kirtan helps us connect with ourselves, focus our attention and achieve true harmony between mind, body and spirit. Kirtan is part of the Yoga of Sound, in which you produce sound waves and follow them with your awareness. Think Ommm! Kirtan can bring about dramatic, positive changes in overall health and wellness. Kirtan Vancouver is a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing the community together through yoga, music and art by tapping into the world’s most ancient sound vibrations and showcasing them in a modern environment. Creating an oasis in the city, we aim to channel the energy of today’s youth into a transformative event. Kirtan is a means for promoting peace through music. Funds raised will support local community programs – we can make a difference!
Best Private yoga and meditation sessions in doha, qatar Feel the warmth of meditation Yoga in Doha, Qatar. Bring harmony for your body, mind and, soul via the art of private yoga sessions.
The 905 Comedy Festival : Home In 2015, Ian Sirota and the late great Josh Haddon, sat in a parking lot trying to figure out how to improve the comedy scene in the Durham region. With Josh’s skill in running a comedy club and Ian’s countless years on the comedy circuit, the two friends decided to bring big time entertainment to the region. Hence the 905 Comedy fest was born. Why drive into the city for a laugh when the cream of the comedy crop can come to you.
MiraMate - Inspiring Better Health MiraMate strives to bring excellently designed products for helping people to live in peace, harmony and vitality as they restore and renew their lives.
National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) - Home The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), is established under the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act No. 8 of 1999 (EMCA) as the principlal instrument of Goverment for the implementation of all policies relating to environment . EMCA 1999 was enacted against a backdrop of 78 sectoral laws dealing with various components of the environment, the deteriorating state of Kenya''s environment, as well as increasing social and economic inequalities, the combined effect of which negatively impacted on the environment. The supreme objective underlying the enactment of EMCA 1999 was to bring harmony in the management of the country''s environment.
School Websites | District Websites | School Apps | Parental Notifications Gabbart Communications provides easy-to-use school websites, mobile apps, and mass communications tools to enhance parental involvement and improve public relations with your community! We make website management easy. Ask us about our Harmony CMS and WISDOM LMS!
Rich Herbs | Marshalltown | Rich Herbs Foundation At Rich-Herbs Foundation we offer you the best organic herbal formulas and natural treatments to all kind of diseases, we have studied the natural properties of natural herbs, their remarkable benefits, and developed a unique range of drops, capsules, bottle herbs and dried herbs. We have employed scientific testing..
Irina Gorbman Fine Art Welcome to Irina Gorbman’s world of art, fashion and home decor. To quote Vassily Kandinsky: To bring the whole into harmony on the canvas is what lea...
Soċjetà Mużikali Madonna tal-Ġilju | Grazzi Madonna ta' Mħabbtek għalina Grazzi Madonna ta' Mħabbtek għalina | To work and strive to raise the name of this Society and the Feast of Our Lady of the Lily, the Patron of this Society, and to retain all current and past rights, concerning the Club in general, including the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception of the Mqabba Parish Church. | To provide recreation to members, by providing whatever the Society has as far as honest recreation goes. This includes the study and practice of Music, pyrotechnic arts, decorations and sports and cultural activities. | To bring friendship and harmony between the members and supporters of the Society.
Ram ConstructionRam Construction Ram Construction professionals add comfort, security, and its lasting value to your home using the finest materials and highest design standards to bring harmony to the environment and protection to your investment. Our credentials are unmatched in the remodeling industry, siding and roofing with the beauty of our work and its long-lasting value proof of the benefits with RAM.
Vimeo We created the Jarawas Foundation to bring together people of good will to help us campaign for their protection, to have their rights recognized and to transmit their humanist and universal message of peace and harmony.
Life Harmony Energies Energetic solutions to bring health and balance to your life. Energetic Elixirs homeopathic remedies and Memon EMF protection devices.
Vimeo We created the Jarawas Foundation to bring together people of good will to help us campaign for their protection, to have their rights recognized and to transmit their humanist and universal message of peace and harmony.
Home - Sandra Von Rubenwil Choose your Guardian Angel silver Jewel inspired by the wisdom of Kabbalah, the 72 Names of God “THE BEAUTY OF OUR SOUL BEGINS HERE„My jewels and my art works are inspired by the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Kabbalah. I deeply believe that the beauty transmitted by this wisdom can bring well-being and transformation to everyone''s life as it does to mine. I have always been very sensitive to the harmony and the beauty that surrounds my life, what happens inside me is reflected on the outside and vice versa. I look to nature, art and spirituality as an authentic formula to convey good emotions and well-being in my lifestyle. We are all co-responsible on the same planet and for this reason I believe it is important to create and share more beauty and more grace in every sphere without exclusions, it is a cultural and spiritual fact. I discovered the 72 Names of G-d and the Hebrew alphabet shortly after the birth of my third child and I immediately felt that there was something completely different from all the other alphabets. Each letter is a microcosm containing spiritual information and a natural vibration that can bring healing. Each letter with its form, sound, frequency, significance, specific gifts and virtues is the depository and foundation of the knowledge of the Kabbalah.Since many years I experience the spiritual messages through meditation and through the inspiration for my calligraphy and art work with the 22 letters and the sequences of the Names of G-d. The best way to get in touch with the sacred informations contained in the Jewish letters is to let go your ego and open yourselves to connect to the universe with your heart.The 72 Names of G-d are a sequence of three letters originated in the book of Exodus chapter 14 verse 19-21 and represent, depending on the day of birth, to a guardian angel. To connect and to mediate on the guardian angel sequence you come in contact with a specific energy connected directly to the DNA. It purifies the heart and restructures the soul to transform the consciousness. It may seem very mystical but it is not, the Kabbalah is revealed to the world with the deliberate effect of connecting each of us to the two worlds that have always existed: the spiritual and the physical. The Kabbalah explains that divine consciousness is nothing else than a dimension consisting of energy. Each ation, each thought or even just a single act of observing something, acts above the physical processes and is able to influence or get influenced generating informations and energy. The science calles this the quantum physic. According to the Kabbalah every human action here on earth affects the divine realm and it’s up to us to potential the divine in the world, it’s up to us to create a place were living and making business can become a source of wellbeing. My dream and desire is to create a bond with this wisdom through my creations to share the mystical experience of the oneness that can lead to permanent spiritual enlightenment to obtaining universal harmony in every day’s life, Art Jewellery made in switzerland by Sandra Von Rubenwil
Bevan Cellars Bevan Cellars'' approach to winemaking has remained constant since our first vintage. We inspect every grape after it has been removed from the stem. We discard every one that doesn’t meet our standards; typically sacrificing six to eight percent of our fruit during this process. From that stage on, every wine is crafted to maximize balance and textures. Each of our vineyards imparts their fruit with such pure flavors that we strive to bring all of the components into harmony.
ERICA WAKERLY | Metallic, geometric, and modern wallpapers Erica Wakerly designs wallpapers that bring a sense of light, structure and harmony to any space. View the full collections and order rolls or samples.
Best Private yoga and meditation sessions in doha, qatar Feel the warmth of meditation Yoga in Doha, Qatar. Bring harmony for your body, mind and, soul via the art of private yoga sessions.
Workplaces in harmony. Delivered in sync. - CI Select CI Select believes your workplace is more than the physical space It’s a magnet to attract clients and talent. It’s a beacon that signifies your culture and your brand. Together, we can bring that to life.
Carrara Massage | Future Therapy Remedial Massage and Spa At Future Therapy we are specialised in remedial massage. We bring together a perfect harmony of Eastern and Western philosophies, world-class treatments and te
Magic Mix Life is complicated enough. We keep it pure and simple. Our organic, plant-based, gluten and dairy free juices, drinks and food bring the mind body and spirit back into harmony.
Building Inside-Out Youth Leadership for Social Change Pravah is a youth led and youth centric organization with an aim to develop leadership capacities of young people to unleash their ability to bring about transformational social change. About Us >   Stories of Change: Advocacy Against Child Marriage Stop Gender Discrimination Into My Pensive: DeTour Music For Harmony Change Stories By The Optimist…
Homepage - Natural Healing Home Natural Healing Home provides natural solutions to bring balance & harmony to people. Get the best quality of Crystals, Himalayan Salt & Feng Shui products.
Della Marie Barker - Home Nature-inspired Artworks, Bring The Outside In, Everybody Needs Nature with Art From the Countryside, Countryside Art, Flower Meadows, Woodlands, Trees, Bees, Birds, Butterflies, Beauty of Nature, British Wildlife, British Countryside, Peace, Dream, Joy, Love, Happiness, Glorious England, Harmony, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Wild & Wonderful, Magic, Sundance, Beautiful Day,
Lila Valadan When there is no joy, there will be no light. All that remains is darkness in our hearts. But beauty can save mankind. We have devoted ourselves to create timeless rugs that bring harmony in peoples homes. The heart of our company beats for the beauty.
Create98 | Creative Workshops & Art Classes, Leigh-on-Sea Create98 offers a wide and diverse range of classes and courses for anyone wishing to live life more creatively. We run expert led one-off courses and regular workshops in the heart of Leigh-on-Sea. We seek out the very best creative tutors from across Essex and beyond to bring you a huge selection of arts and crafts disciplines. Inspiring, tutor-led workshops in the heart of an artistic community. Find your passion at our innovative hub – high quality creative workshops in Essex. Create98 is a modern, inspirational and relaxing space where you can learn and develop new skills. The perfect place to discover your hidden talent, try something new and live life more creatively. Art, Drawing, Painting, Fabrics, Textiles, Floristry, Food, Music, Writing, Creative Writing, Photography, Pottery, Printing.
Sounds By Dante - Sound Meditation, Wellness, Guided Meditation Sound meditation is the use of special instruments during meditation to balance dissonant frequencies in the body and mind and bring them into harmony.