The most comprehensive list of autism spectrum websites last updated on May 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Home | Autism Speaks Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and families
Jessica's Autism Journey – Seeing the world through my autistic eyes Welcome to my Autism Blog!!!! Here is a picture of me wearing a shirt I made myself My name is Jessica Jenkins and I was born July 29th, 1996 in Yonkers, NY. I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder. In between my autistic life, I juggle several different things including being a self taught fashion designer,…
The Silver Lining Group The Silver Lining Group is a nationally accredited, state certified, private behavioral health agency. The Silver Lining Group employs research-based strategies aimed at maximizing the functioning and independence of individuals with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and other mental health disorders. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the root of all treatment methods used. Our treatment program’s foundation is positive reinforcement and features 1:1, 1:2, and small group sessions.
Embracing Imperfect - Helping Moms Raise Kids With Special Needs Embracing Imperfect is a lifestyle blog for moms raising kids with disabilities and/or on the autism spectrum.
Harkla - Special Needs Products for Happier and Healthier Children Looking for the best resources for your child with Special Needs? We are here to help and support your family with high quality products, lifetime guarantees, and free shipping. Whether it's autism spectrum disorder, adhd, anxiety, or more, we have you covered.
Home - Learn From Autistics Learn from Autistics is an autism advocacy organization providing practical solutions for parents and family of children and young adults on the autism spectrum. We believe autistic individuals should be at the forefront of the public conversation about autism and publish resources that teach parents about neurodiversity, environmental accommodations, and autism research based on different autistic perspectives.
Visa Your one stop shop for special needs toys and tools. Perfect gifts for those living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),oppositional defiant disorder (ODD),autism spectrum disorder (ASD),anxiety disorder depression bipolar disorder learning disorders conduct disorder.
Simple Spectrum Supplement Our supplement is designed to provide the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system with extra support for individuals with autism by addressing potential dietary deficits.
The Spiral Foundation The Spiral Foundation stands for the Sensory Processing Institute for Research and Learning Foundation and is a research and education non-profit organization that specializes in helping families, children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and related diagnoses lead more productive and enjoyable lives through advancing knowledge of sensory integration theory, and assessment and intervention for SPD. The Spiral Foundation was founded by Jane Koomar, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA in 2001, by its parent company, OTA The Koomar Center, formerly known as Occupational Therapy Associates-Watertown, P.C. (OTA), with a mission to provide information and support regarding sensory processing through research and community education. Spiral’s research efforts are conducted by The Spiral Research Center and Sensory Processing Laboratory headed by Teresa May-Benson, ScD, OTR/L.
Action Behavior Centers - Autism ABA Therapy Services in Texas Action Behavior Centers offer ABA Therapy for children on the autism spectrum in Texas. Services provided by our experienced BCBAs are covered by insurance.
Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_RGB_blk_4SVG_092917 The Alerta family of products provides solutions to help keep your family safe and secure.
The Autism Show - The National Event for Autism The Autism Show, the national event for autism, in association with the National Autistic Society. The Autism Show is the largest event in the country dedicated to the autism community. We offer over 100 hours of talks, clinics and workshops, plus hundreds of specialist products and services at each of our three locations. A visit to The Autism Show can make an immediate difference to you, and those you care, support or teach.
MommyQ | Mom Blog Fueled by Coffee MommyQ is navigating the wild world of motherhood! This sassy mom blog, fueled by coffee and a hint of cynicism, features everything from parenting humor to fashion trends to celebrity gossip. What\\'s your quintessential mommy mood?
Visa Neural Balance contains the patented ingredient Anandanol that supports natural calm, focus and better sleep patterns. Autism Approved but great for anyone who needs support, on and off the spectrum. Sponsors of The Spectrum Report. Visit us for Neural Balance Reviews and ingredients.
Inside Perspectives | of Asperger Syndrome and the Neurodiversity Spectrum Hi and welcome to Inside Perspectives. This site is an attempt to analyse and give some inside perspectives on some of the most common differences, difficulties, reactions, talents and idiosyncrasies in "Aspies" (people with Asperger Syndrome), autism spectrum and related Neurodiversity differences and conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Scotopic Sensitivity, Synesthesia, OCD, Tourette, SPD, and HSP. Summary I consider most Autism Spectrum differences…
Mental health school for children and adolescents - The O-School Discover the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School – an accredited school for grades K-12 providing expert care for children and adolescents facing social, emotional and mental health challenges, or difficulties related to being on the autism spectrum.
Operation Autism | A Resource Guide for Military Families Operation Autism directly supports U.S. military families touched by autism and autism spectrum disorders. It serves as an introduction to autism, a guide for the life journey with autism, and a ready reference for available resources, services, and support.
Home Sandra Wasserman Family Counseling Carlsbad Bilingual English and Spanish Speaking, Child Counseling, Individual Counseling, Treating Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Stress Management, Divorce, Autism, Mindfulness
Positive Pathways | ABA Autism Treatment | Bay Area California Let Positive Pathways in California help overcome autism spectrum disorder in the Bay Area, California. Call 650.260.4670 for effective ABA autism treatment for kids.
Aspire Learning Center | Home We provide center and home based services to children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disabilities and diagnoses.
Full Potential Parenting Summit - Register Today for FREE! Online conference providing information and inspiration for parents of children with special needs
Way of Therapy - Holistic Therapy, Massage Parsons Green, hawaiian lomi lomi, chavutti thirumal, deep tissue massage, Physiotherapy Parsons Green, Speech & Language therapy children, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD, counselling
CADRRE - Center for Autism and other Disabilities Rehabilitation Research and Education The Center for Autism and other Disabilities Rehabilitation Research and Education (CADRRE) is a not-for-profit organization founded in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, with the aim of transforming the lives of children affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Phech Colatat, PhD – This is the personal homepage of Phech Colatat, PhD. I am Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St Louis. I am a business school-trained sociologist with interests in healthcare, R&D and strategic management. Motivated by alarming trends in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), my current research examines the way organizational and social network processes affects the…
Home | Autism Speaks Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and families
Autism Treatment Fairfax, Loudoun VA - Behavioral Directions LLC Behavioral Directions, Herndon based Autism consulting firm providing autism treatment and autism services in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Call us today at 703-855-4032.
Occupational Therapy Helping Children | Pymble & Balgowlah We help children with a variety of developmental challenges — whether it's concentration, handwriting or social skills at school through to long-term challenges like Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorders.
Cape Cod Psychology, LLC Cape Cod Psychology, LLC is the independent practice of Dr. Mary Grabowski, Psy.D. offering individual and family therapy in person or remotely (telemental health) and neuropsychological and psychological testing for ADHD, dementia related disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety and Depression
Autism Training from ARC, Plymouth, young people with Autism, Asperger''s and other complex needs, Learning disablities, ARC (Devon and Cornwall). Autism Training, Life skills, ASC, Asperger''s, Confidence Building, Young people and adults, Autisic Spectrum, Individually Tailored programmes, Bespoke, Enjoyable and challenging. Therapeutic Environment for Autism and Mental health
Welcome - IDEAS The IDEAS group provides multi-disciplinary services to children and their families. IDEAS provides Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and tutoring service to children, adolescents and families in and around the city of Calgary. Assessment, therapy, consultation and workshops are offered by each discipline.
International Autism Consultants Professional training, case consultation and programmatic technical assistance to other professionals and agencies serving people with autism worldwide.
Neurodivergent Rebel – Rebelling against a culture that values assimilation over individuality. Rebelling against a culture that values assimilation over individuality.
Positive Partnerships | Homepage Working with parents, carers & educators of school-aged children on the autism spectrum to provide evidence informed information - workshops & online resources.
Reach Therapy Services - Specializes on the Autism Spectrum Disorder Helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as individuals with neuro-developmental issues, i.e. ADHD, Developmental Delay and certain Learning Difficulties. Our focus is the core issues and deficits facing children with special needs which can act as obstacles to their progress.
Special Education Degrees | Your Guide To A Career In Special Education We have the information and resources to meet your Special Education Degree questions. Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, administrator, assistant, educational consultant, or generally interested in special education, chances are you are seeking to gain a better understanding of the field, learn new skills, expand your educational foundation or further your career, this site is for you. Our goal is to help you acquire the best experiences and education available given your current circumstances. Before you explore the educational resources and career opportunities our site offers, please allow us to offer our thanks. The individuals who work hard raising, teaching, and assisting those with special needs deserve all of our gratitude. Without your dedication, the world would be a much different place for those living with psychological, mental, or medical disabilities. If you are a student or educator, chances are great that you are busy with courses, working, or seeking employment while maintaining your academic and employment responsibilities. Often this makes for a challenging dynamic when seeking means of learning new skills and acquiring information. That's why it is our mission to offer you a number of professional, educational, and personal resources in Special Education to not only advance your goals but also help advance the field. Here you may learn: What Special Education is How to apply for and get accepted into accredited programs How to become a Special Education Teacher What challenges Special Education Teachers face How to select the best school to meet your educational needs How to establish the educational foundation necessary to launch a career in special education How to find special education programs as a student, parent, or professional How to source scholarships and other means of covering tuition costs How to find free Special Education courses online What careers you may qualify for upon graduating with your special education degree …and much more! Fundamentals of Online Special Education Degree Programs Special education is a teaching discipline focused on supporting the academic, social, and vocational development of exceptional children with disabilities. Under the IDEA Act, all disabled youth must receive apt education services in the least restrictive environment possible. As the frequency of diagnoses rises, a special education teacher shortage is growing. There aren't enough special educators to meet the needs of America's 6.4 million students with disabilities. Therefore, studying special education is an excellent degree pathway for individuals interested in classroom careers. The NCES reports that there are 864 special education degrees in the United States, 181 of which are online. Below are the fundamentals you should know about online special education degree programs. Types of Online Special Education Degrees At the undergraduate level, online associate degrees in special education are available at junior colleges and vocational schools. This two-year program lays the groundwork for studying child development and inclusive teaching. Online associate degrees make students eligible for becoming teacher's aides and early childhood educators. Public school systems require that K-12 special education teachers hold at least a bachelor's degree and state licensing though. Online bachelor's degrees (B.A. or B.S.) require four to five years full-time to develop lesson planning and classroom management strategies. Accredited bachelor's programs in special education will include field practicum and student teaching to satisfy license requirements. Online special education degrees are also granted at the graduate level. Individuals who aren't already licensed educators can pursue initial credentials with an online Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.). The alternative, a Master of Education (M.Ed.), is granted online to teachers who carry valid state certification and seek advancement. Online master's programs typically offer areas of specialization, such as gifted education, autism spectrum disorder, blindness/visual impairment, learning disabilities, and literacy. Earning a master's degree is sufficient for classroom-based careers. However, pursuing an online doctoral degree (Ed.D. or Ph.D.) would facilitate special education jobs in administration and higher education. Factors for Choosing Online Special Education Programs Picking the right online degree is tough because your choice can greatly affect your special education career long-term. Location isn't a factor in online learning, so hundreds of schools are at your fingertips. Using your favorite search engine, hunt for online colleges offering a special education degree in your concentration area. For each prospective school, double check the accreditation status. Regional accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education is essential for degree transfer, licensing, and financial aid. Top online special education programs will also feature professional accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Reputation is another big consideration in your decision. Gauge the online college's quality by searching for rankings and student reviews. The U.S. News and World Report is an excellent resource for finding the best online education schools. Published rankings often consider key data like retention, job placement, student engagement, and faculty-student ratio for you. Pay close attention to the field opportunities offered by online special education programs. Ask your state licensing board whether the online degree will qualify you for certification or not. Potential online students should also inquire about technology, flexibility, Praxis exam rates, and curricula. Typical Online Special Education Curriculum Whether at the bachelor's or doctoral level, online special education degrees share a common goal in helping exceptional youth turn disabilities into abilities. Aspiring teachers will generally progress through a well-rounded education core before focusing on special education. Major courses will cover subjects like child assessment, developmental psychology, behavior analysis, language development, assistive technology, instructional planning, and diversity. Many are aligned with standards established by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Elementary special education programs could specifically blend online courses in English, math, science, and history for subject proficiency. School-based practicum before the student teaching semester should also be expected. Affording Tuition for Online Special Education Degrees The College Board reports that the average bachelor's degree tuition is $9,410 at public, in-state and $32,405 at private, nonprofit universities. Graduate education also breaks the bank with an average cost of $20,368 per year. Costs for online special education degrees can vary greatly though. For instance, Fitchburg State University charges $3,006 per year while Vanderbilt University bills students $44,712 annually. Expected tuition cost is an important factor to consider when narrowing down your degree options. Notice if the online colleges add in sneaky technology and service fees too. No matter the price, you shouldn't be discouraged from pursuing online special education degree programs. That's because financial aid can provide tremendous help. In 2014, over 85 percent of undergraduates received federal assistance. In addition to loans and the Pell Grant, there's the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant. This program awards up to $4,000 to students pursuing high-need teaching fields, including special education. Many organizations also grant free scholarships. For example, the Judith Cary Memorial Scholarship is gifted to special education majors yearly. With extra funding and the above tips, you'll be ready to earn an online special education degree.
Speech Therapy Partners We are a full service private practice that provides evaluation, diagnosis, and individualized treatment.  Speech Therapy Partners, Inc. (STP) is based in Redondo Beach California. STP offers in-home and clinic-based speech, language, and feeding therapy to clients in the South Bay (including, but not limited to: Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, El Segundo), North Long Beach and Lakewood area.
Autism Courses and Resources - Sue Larkey Courses and resources to help you teach children on the autism spectrum and make a difference in their lives and those who support them.
NeuroClastic » The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People Content about autism by autistic and neurodivergent people. A resource for autistic adults, parents of autistic children, educators, and physicians.
Laurie Leventhal-Belfer, PhD - Home Laurie Leventhal-Belfer is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides therapy for children with anxiety, depression, stress and coping with medical problems, school, divorce, and loss. Provides assessments for children on the Autistic Spectrum/Asperger
Imagine Academy For Autism - Autism School to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder Imagine Academy for Autism is a unique autism school that offers unique programs used to assess and develop individualized programming for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental challenges. Find out more about our autism school today.
Diana Kennedy | Educational Therapist Educational therapist specializing in learning differences or disorders--dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other LDs. Much more than tutoring.
Outside the Square Psychology Outside the Square Psychology is a fee-for-service psychology practice in Melbourne''s Eastern Suburbs, providing assessment, intervention and training services with specific focus on children aged 2-12 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism, Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS), developmental delay or intellectual disability. We offer regular parent programs, seminars and workshops, in addition to professional supervision, and PD sessions at outside agencies.
Spectrum Clarity Home Page | Autism Services Spectrum Clarity has changed direction with operations. We will ‘pause’ our service so we can develop a ‘product’ leveraging our knowledge of the NDIS.
Dr Jeeva''s ADHD Clinic - Specialist Child & Adult Psychiatrist Welcome to Dr Jeeva''s ADHD clinic - Having ADHD is like having Brains like a Ferrari, but brakes like a bicycle
ASD Fitness Center - Autism Spectrum Disorder Gym, Orange, CT Our mission at the ASD Fitness Center is to provide a safe, comfortable and structured environment for empowering individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve their level of physical fitness.
Chahrour Lab | Neurogenetics and mechanisms of autism Interrogating the genome to better understand the mechanisms causing autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders and inform innovative therapies
Dr. Brynie S Collins - Pediatric Gastroenterologist: Specialist in gastrointestinal, liver, nutritional disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Brynie Collins, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Los Angeles, CA
The Perfect Child ABA The Perfect Child is to experience the joy of putting a smile on our perfect children. We provide quality individualized Applied Behavior Analysis services to families with children under age 21, who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays.
Royal Treatment | Respect. Compassion. Honesty. We deal with general, geriatric, and adolescent psychiatry. We are very interested in addiction management, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, OCD, LGBT, psychodynamic therapy, and anxiety. We are a suboxone provider. We work with many of the counsellors in town, and we highly recommend a combination of therapy and medication management for most patients.
Wildwood School | Learning for Life | Schenectady, NY Wildwood School provides comprehensive services for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, complex learning disabilities and other developmental disabilities in Schenectady, NY.
Home - Professor Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett providing Presentations and Consulting for Asperger's Syndrome and the Autism Spectrum.
Autism Service Orange County - ABA Therapy Orange County Autism counseling services for children in Orange County. We provide ABA therapy and testing for children with Autism. We can help your child with Autism.
Derbyshire Autism Services Group The D.A.S. is a registered charity (number 1105525). We are a voluntary parent led group run by a management committee, many of whom are the parents or carers of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Hidden Treasures | Autism Therapy Services | Los Angeles ABA Therapy Hidden Treasures Behavioral Therapy Services is an agency dedicated to providing state-of-the-art ABA therapy services to children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder In Los Angeles. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) assess your child & design individually tailored treatment programs...
Autism and Asperger Syndrome Help in Barrie Integrated Autism Consulting Integrated Autism Consulting provides skilled, evidence and solution-based services for families, professionals and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan and spectrum. Supporting young adults with...
Bilby Publishing - Special Needs Resources for Early Numeracy, Literacy, Autism and Signed Communication Bilby Publishing & Consulting Pty Ltd - We develop and distribute Sign Language and Early Childhood Educational Resources. Our range includes over 500 resources, from books for children to Auslan and mainstream Teaching and Referance material; DVDs and games, Novilties and Toys, Auslan At Home courses and more.
MMS Philippines | Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment MMS is a broad spectrum treatment for 95% of diseases in the world (cancer all types, diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, autism etc). But key is understanding how it works and see the results it achieved in the last 22 years to millions of people worldwide
Home | Center for Psychological & Educational Assessment Atlanta Atlanta pediatric psychologists specializing in customized assessments for learning disorders such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as emotional issues. We offer clinical evaluations, consultation, and educational advocacy.
more We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to young children on the autism spectrum. Our approach is collaborative, individualized, and family-centered.
psychologist in allen texas specializing in ADHD evaluation and treatment ADHD testing, ADHD evaluation, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disability, ADD, attention problems, Asperger, Autism, therapy,
Nature's Edge Therapy Center - Occupational & Speech Therapy Taking Therapy Beyond the ClinicSpeech, Occupational & Physical Therapy, with the help of animals and the healing beauty of nature Speech, Occupational and...
Austin Learning Solutions - Much more than a tutor serving Austin Metro Area Austin reading specialist and cognitive therapist solving reading and learning issues for children with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, CAPD, and processing disorders.
Baston House School | Specialist Autism School Baston House is an independent specialist school for children on the autism spectrum between the ages of 5 and 19 years of age.
CHRISTIAN PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES Recognized as the #1 Mental Health Practice in Memphis by the Commercial Appeal and Memphis Most in 2018, Christian Psychiatric Services - the private practice
Pediatric Therapy Orange County | Infinity Kids - Infinity Kids Pediatric Therapy Pediatric therapy for children with developmental delays, sensory integration, autism spectrum, feeding delays, speech delays, and other neurological disorders.
InterAKtive is a Surrey based parent-led charity for families who have a child or children on the autism spectrum A Surrey based charity offering activities and support for children with autism and their families.
Child Psychologist - Group Therapy - Adolescent Counseling - Adolescent Depression | Steven Covelluzzi, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist Steven Covelluzzi, Child Psychologist, provides child & teen, adult, group, and family counseling services in San Diego, La Jolla, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Valley, and Del Mar, CA. Also provides Autism Spectrum testing.
Mental health school for children and adolescents - The O-School Discover the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School – an accredited school for grades K-12 providing expert care for children and adolescents facing social, emotional and mental health challenges, or difficulties related to being on the autism spectrum.
Peachtree Pediatric Psychology PPP specializes in the assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as other common problems in the pediatric population, including developmental delays, learning problems, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), emotional disorders, behavioral issues, and more. PPP provides Autism testing in Atlanta among other services.
Proven Behavior Solutions | ABA & Speech Therapy, Norwell, Plymouth Committed to improving the lives of children & adolescents affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism is our Expertise. Changing Lives is our Passion.
Inside Out - A Therianthropy Blog I'm just a snow leopard who thinks that the therian community needs to have more fun. I laugh at everything (especially myself) and try to help interested people learn about therianthropy. I do not...
The Unumb Center For Neurodevelopment The Unumb Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder.