The most comprehensive list of animal crossing websites last updated on Sep 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Nookazon.com | Buy & Sell Animal Crossing New Horizons Items Buy & Sell Animal Crossing New Horizons Items
Animal Crossing World - News & Guides for New Horizons, Pocket Camp, New Leaf Get the latest news and guides for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and everything else in the Animal Crossing series.
NintendoSoup | Latest Nintendo News Get the latest Nintendo news, Nintendo Switch news, and Pokemon news 24/7.
Animal Crossing series – Official Site The official home of the Animal Crossing series. Create a home, interact with cute animal villagers, and just enjoy life in these charming games from Nintendo.
Discover Anime Shows to Watch - Ani.ME Welcome to Ani.ME, the world''s easiest to remember anime site, where you can legally watch your favorite shows 100% free online. Watch anime and make friends.
CultureFly | Pop Culture Boxes, Collectibles, Apparel & More! We’re pop culture fanatics who create subscription boxes, collectibles, and apparel for every fan, casual to extreme. Make your style and collection built by CultureFly! We're the creators behind the Pusheen Box, the Nick Box, the Supernatural Box and more.
España Madrid Noticias | Noticias del mundo en tiempo real, España Madrid es una plataforma de noticias, la cual brinda información y actualidad a nivel internacional, dando las ultimas novedades en tiempo real
Animal Crossing Portal | Animal Crossing News, Guides & Updates Animal Crossing Portal covers the latest news, guides & updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons & Pocket Camp. For all the latest Animal Crossing News.
豆丁森友會 - 動物森友會 LINE機器人 動物森友會 豆丁森友會 動物圖鑑 家具 服飾 相容性分析
CrossingCharm – For The Love Of Animal Crossing News & Guides CrossingCharm is all about community. The news we share is to enlighten the community on new and interesting experiences to be had in-game. Guides are made to explain just how you can share in that new experience! View more our story Welcome to CrossingCharm CrossingCharm is an information hub to find anything…
Willkommen im AC - Café ac-cafe.de ist die Anlaufstelle für Themen rund um Animal Crossing. Beginne mit AC – Café ein neues Leben als Bürgermeister deiner eigenen Stadt!
Dream Towns ☁ Hey everyone, I'm Bella and this is my Animal Crossing blog! I post pictures of my towns, my visits to other dream towns and share the things I like! Enjoy your stay. ♥
jamanddounts yes i cant spell, we move
Reference Blog *please read* (REQUESTS ARE WELCOME) click the nav button to see some links, click more to see the rest of my tags/links (there are LOTS) Anything I ever post is NOT MINE unless stated otherwise!!!
AYE AYE | she/her | Australia | 23 | This is the art blog of Mae! Will probably mostly be fanart of video games. This is a side blog so if I answer replies it will be under: captain-amaezing
Valarin Ventures Warning: This blog may contain unnecessary memes. Where all sorts of pop-culture and conlang stuff are relegated into. Made in Malaysia. Enjoy your stay.
splish ❤ddlg and acnl blog❤ ❤call me kaeru, froggy, or baby❤ ❤3DS FC: 0919-9542-3912❤ ❤Dream Address: 4700-4580-9340❤
Awesome Stuff Hiya, my name's Alex and I'm a big fan of Pokemon and Animal Crossing. I mostly share things here that interest me or make me laugh. Feel free to talk to me if you'd like, I won't bite I promise.
Animal Crossing Is LGBTQ+! A blog for all LGBTQ+ Animal Crossing headcanons! Shipping/Polyshipping Requests are allowed! Aro/Ace inclusive! Requests are open! Queue Length: # days (2 posts per day)
Let’s Go To The Garden Hi! Welcome to my blog. Mostly Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons and Animal Crossing, with occasional pics of gardens for that sweet sweet ✨æsthetic ✨
I’m The Person I Was Always Meant To Be Call me Crispy or Dorito / she/her / 21 / multifandom / tumblr humor / just vibin’ I'm a writer, but an easily distracted one. 💜Bi, sleepy, and trying my best💜 Writing blog: @shadowycrispy / icon by...
クソなプリンセス | fairybukkake Scorpio | INTP | a mess of a blog
Isiri Village ☆Zarie ✮Nintendo Network ID: ☆TwistedUmbreon37 ✮Dream Address ☆N/A (yet)
Cute shit. Rare art. |18| Commissions Open www.lovelustandmisery.tumblr.com http://toriible.storenvy.com/
Animal Village Comic A animal crossing fan-comic, created by Roroart. Animal crossing is property of Nintendo. Please do not use or repost content of this blog without written permission.
New Leaf, New Patterns Consider this your New Leaf Closet!
bold of you to assume I know what I''m doing MJ • she/her • 18 •useless lesbian • tdp, she-ra, toh, kny, pokemon, atla, animal crossing, botw• Follow my art @laelapop
I''m A God Damn Mermaid my name is Nicole. I'm a half filipino half scottish 24 years old punk/gyaru mermaid from Cali ✩ I love Brendon Urie, Adore Delano & Lady Gaga. (◡‿◡✿) I love Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, LoZ,...
What is this place? I'm Jason and this is my multi-fandom blog! Shout-out to This Beautiful Human for the icon picture! You can expect Steven Universe, Animaniacs, and Animal Crossing posts (in that order of frequency,...
Mobile veterinary service in Wyndham I Affordable and Convenient | Wyndham Home Vet Get affordable and personalised veterinary service in the comfort of your home. We service in Tarneit Truganina Williams Landing Hoppers Crossing Werribee Wyndham Vale and Laverton.
Martine''s Simblr Martine 31 | 👩 Holland ❄️🐭🐺🍰 Welcome to my Tumblr! I focus primarily on The Sims 4, but play other games occasionally too.
One Day at a Time Hi, I'm Jasmine, 26|she/her|Filipina. I like a lot of different things, so this blog is a multifandom one. Also, I draw things sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!
into the forest i go nael, 26, bi. current obsession: animal crossing. sometimes i make mods.
Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki Nookipedia is a community-driven Animal Crossing wiki with 6,857 articles and counting.
~ oslo ~ welcome to oslocrossing! i'm jordan :) my friend code: 3926-5486-1813 art: chacha ♡ main blog ♡
Welcome to Loveton*:・゚✧ Mayor Shelly of Loveton. Welcome to my Animal Crossing blog! ❤  Visit my etsy for my AC embroidery and cross stitch listings! Friend code: 1521-3305-6761
Becky Munsterer Sabky | Things I love. Things I write. Things I love to write. Things I love. Things I write. Things I love to write.
free graphic resources made by a passionate 🌸Laura | 24 yo | Belgium | Student🌸 Graphic design lover since I’m 9, here I post free graphic resources I made. FR/EN I love too Animal Crossing & Tamagotchis. 🌱AC blog :...
TodoConsolas - Especialistas en compra-venta de productos nuevos y de segunda mano Empresa especialista en segunda mano y venta de producto nuevo de toda clase: consolas, móviles, electrónica, herramientas, relojes, videojuegos, cómics y mucho más.
Univers-Crossing.com | L''Univers d''Animal Crossing
Voodooling''s Sims I dump my Sims 4 things here! CC, in-game shots, etc. If you ever use my cc you don't have to credit me but it'd be nice, because I'd love to see what you guys do with it =D!!
Woo! Jr. Kids Activities | Kids Crafts, Printables, & Teacher Resources Kids Crafts, Printables, & Teacher Resources
Orsacchiotto Bianco We bare bears, Raccoons and lots of bears! I'm in love with a Panda and a Police Raccoon. Icon by @pandacave
Horror Dream Towns Investigated Due to the excitement over Aika Village, many New Leaf users have created horror dream villages of their own. I'm going to go to some of these towns and see what's going on in them and whether or not...
p i x x l y  w e l c o m e   t o r a v k a Lauren // 23 // League of Legends, Animal Crossing, Undertale, anime, games & pixels.
Raghav Steel Utensils || Home Appliances || Multi Brands || Multi Products || Free Home Delivery Steel Utensils Wholesalers || Order Online & Get Free Home Delivery Across India
ACHHD Villager Fashion Project A page dedicated to QR codes and designs specifically made for villagers run by DarkNerd & Jelly! This includes designs such as tank tops, open jackets, bikinis, etc. If it shows the slightest amount...
Animalxing | Video Games Are Life! To me, Animal Crossing is much more than a game - it's a source of mental sustenance. It's a way for just about anybody to get through a difficult time in their lives. It's a way to distract yourself from your everyday troubles, and surprisingly, a way to meet girls. Let me show you why.
Land of Rythm and Xylophones Things I blog about : Mostly Hannibal honestly... Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Gravity Falls, Video Games, pretty pictures :)
frerin''s art blog hello i'm frerin and this is my art blog!! pronoun indifferent, 25
Animal Crossing Inspirations By Midna Nerdy? Love Animal Crossing? Come check out my nerdy designs and more! From Anime, Star Trek, and Doctor Who to Pokemon, Minecraft, and Overwatch. I love all things nerdy and show it in my designs!...
just a doodle blog side blog for @keyed-up-allthetime
CamiKaos – words on life, love, learning, and technology. not necessarily in that order… words on life, love, learning, and technology. not necessarily in that order...
Hiatus Warren | 20 | he/they | hobby artist | GER/ENG !!! Please don't repost my art!!! commissions: closed! ask/ main / twitter
SUL SUL Shannon Michelle || simmer but not a simtuber || NOhio ||Ginger obsessed || Extreme fangirl || Socially impaired
Animal Crossing Trade and Adopt Welcome to Animal Crossing Trade/Adopt. This is a blog dedicated to posting other people's listings for villagers. Feel free to submit something, just be sure to follow our guidelines. If you have any...
Cause I got nothing better to do I need to fight EVIL! *Warning, you might see a lot of sexy bara Wolves*
it''s tom nook''s world, we''re just living in it
quote2 ☆ C A R L Y ☆ Welcome to my multi-fandom blog. Everything is tagged for your blogging convenience. You'll find an assortment of anime, manga, video games, and fanfiction here. Tracking:...
~Lemonade~ Mayor Ida of the town Lemonade! Dream Address: N/A FC:5301-0579-7675
Mayor Mandy 🌿 AC Blog | Original Content | SFW ♥ Mayor Mandy | Gay | She/Her ♥ AC is my Happy Place ♥ Crosser since 2006 ♥ I play NL, PC, & HHD ♥ Side Blog: mayor-mandy-reblogs - Links to QR Codes are there ^ ♥...
Journal d''une sucrerie Tumblr of a french soft-hearted witch my about (read it before following me)
and the forest animals my name is claudia and you can find qr codes for animal crossing here! I also post non qr code related stuff so if you're only here for the qr codes please just blacklist my personal tag. Thank you!