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Cross Icon Pure Flix streams, feel-good, faith and family entertainment that aligns with your values. Start free trial.
customer-success Promoboxx is the only retail marketing platform, powered by brands, that connects and aligns national manufacturing brands with independent, specialty retailers to increase local awareness and sales at every storefront.
HelpSystems | IT Management Software Solutions HelpSystems aligns IT & business goals to help organizations build a competitive edge. Our IT management software solutions keep business running smoothly.
Bain Capital Bain Capital, LP is one of the world’s leading multi-asset alternative investment firms. With offices on four continents, our global team aligns our interests with those of our investors and partners for lasting impact.
Visa Perfectly supports cervical spine and aligns your head, neck, shoulder, and back. Whether you are back, side, or stomach sleeper, neck pillow will perfectly fit for you.
A healthcare platform for payer-provider collaboration Vim aligns incentives to empower value-based care decisions. With actionable insights, providers ensure patients get the best care for their needs, and patients are guided to top doctors in virtual networks.
Strategy Software for Planning & Execution | Cascade Strategy Cascade Strategy - Accelerate growth by keeping your team focused & aligned on what matters the most. Powerful strategy software that aligns your team around a common set of goals. Cascade is the only strategy platform you''ll ever need. Plan, manage and track your strategy in one place.
Welcome To Employment Staffing at AppleOne AppleOne connects the best people whose talent aligns with the needs of companies looking for long and short term hiring solutions.
Content Governance Solution | Acrolinx Acrolinx aligns your content to your strategy so you reach your goals. Our platform helps large global brands produce on-target content, at enterprise scale.
menu-arrow-up RadNet, 290+ outpatient radiology centers in the US, is leading radiology forward. Radiology Information Technology Solutions. Teleradiology Services.
Live your healthiest, happiest life with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. | katrinah.com Katrina Heppler is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and plant-based nutrition advocate. She believes that our body is naturally designed to restore itself to balance and that we can support optimal health through a whole foods diet and lifestyle that aligns with nature's rhythms. Through The Ayurveda Glow Podcast, Katrina seeks to empower you with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda so that you can live a healthier, happier life.
HAWKEYE GOLF ALINGER INTRO VIDEO - YouTube Golf Alignment Fixed! Never before has it been so easy fix golf alignment for every golfer. The Hawkeye Golf Aligner attaches to any golf club, aligns to clu...
Concussion Vital Signs Concussion Vital Signs is a computerized testing system designed for student athletes that aligns to current sports concussion management guidelines. This scientifically based assessment, used as part of a medical evaluation, helps facilitate confident return-to-play decisions, while helping to protect the future of student athletes in sports, academics, and life. Concussion Vital Signs is free to all schools in the United States.
Financial Advisors, Tax and Estate Planning | EP Wealth Advisors Fee only financial advisors who build a financial plan, integrate your taxes and estate, and create a custom portfolio that aligns with your goals.
Advanced Enterprise Capital Markets Technology | Murex Transform legacy IT infrastructure, meet regulatory requirements and manage risk with our leading digital technology solutions for capital markets. MX.3 is a powerful platform that aligns the front and back-office, supporting trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations across asset classes.
People Experience Management Platform - All Elements Our People Experience Management Platform aligns company culture with goals and performance by integrating continuous conversations into daily workflow.
Caudex - Specialists in Medical Communications, research & consultancy Caudex: a full-service medical communications agency with offices in London, New York, Oxford, Macclesfield and Toronto
RevolutionMeds Pharmacy - Pharmacy Services Redefined RevolutionMeds Pharmacy in Fairfax provides patients with an innovative and holistic apporach to standard pharmacy services. Contact us today to learn more!
Scroll to top Making Marriage Work aligns you with the basis of enjoying the rich bounties of marriage; re-arming your toolkits with the principles of selflessness, advance
Priddis Greens G&CC - Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club Priddis Greens Golf and Country ClubIt started with a forest and a love of the game. We set out in 1983 to offer an exceptional golf experience that intentionally aligns course excellence and concierge-style Member service - all amidst a natural woodland setting that is second-to-none. Today, we continue our quest for excellence.
BT Studio We offer our years of experience taking on the challenge of creating excellent videos time and time again, with an open mind. Every day, we work together to improve and build on every aspect of what we do. We don''t limit ourselves to a "house style" or pre-determined look and feel; our goal is to deliver fresh, creative work that aligns with our client''s needs.
ILN IP Insider | International Lawyers Network IP Group Blog ILN IP Insider brings together IP practitioners from around the world to share their expertise on trends in intellectual property law.
Lovetuner Official Website - Tune In To 528hz, The Vibration of Love. The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness tool that aligns you with the 528 hz frequency, the vibration of love. Get yous from our official site.
KeyStone Search: Retained Executive Search Partners We work exclusively with Privately Held companies recruiting senior leadership. We have expertise working with employee-owned and EOS® companies.
SUQUINO Is Transforming Telehealth Suquino is a TELEHEALTH COMPANY that better aligns wellness with care by creating a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery with its flagship TELEHEALTH INFORMATION BUS – SAFFRON
Video Production Company | Minneapolis, MN | Alveo Digital We are a video production company that that specializes in corporate, commercial and brand video brand video production services that aligns with key business drivers for growth and exposure.
Home | Peterson Legal Ryan D. Peterson of Peterson Legal , PLLC in Edina, MN, is a former debt collection attorney turned consumer rights expert and advocate. Ryan is grateful to practice law in a way that aligns with his personal beliefs.
Sales Enablement Professionals Community | Sales Enablement Best Practices | Sales Productivity | Sales Effectiveness We define sales enablement as following a holistic and repeatable approach to improve both the effectiveness and the productivity of your sales staff. By following a holistic approach sales enablement becomes a system that aligns the organization to enable sales advisors that deliver higher win rates, increased deal size while improving the buyer''s experience.
Venue Edge Aligns your technology to improve the live fan, viewer, and customer experience at your venue.
EmptyCup Interior design is not just about looks or luxury. It is about creating a house that aligns with how your family lives.
Director Mohamed Roshdy المخرج محمد رشدي 🇪🇬 - Mohamed Roshdy | محمد رشدي Mohamed Roshdy, an Egyptian Film Director and Media Consultant born on 22nd of May 1986 in Cairo, Egypt. Mohamed had gained an extensive experience in Media Productions, Digital Media, Digital Marketing/Advertising and Filming during his interesting practical journey for over 15 years of experience.Roshdy had got many awards in Middle East, Africa and Europe after he had got nominated by many of his clients in the Middle-East and Europe as a result of his impressive success leading each project, campaign, production or consultation with them. Mohamed Roshdy, an Egyptian Film Director, Digital Media, Marketing & Advertising Consultant. Mohamed Roshdy has worked as a consultant to the minister of social solidarity in the Egyptian government, and was a spokesperson in the conference of the “National Security and Internet Risks” on behalf of H.E. Ms. Ghada Waly the former minister of social solidarity and the executive director of office on Drugs and Crime at United Nations.Then after, Roshdy had joined the media office of the minister of Environment as a minister’s consultant for Digital Media and Digital Marketing, he was one of the minister’s team who organized “United Nations Biodiversity COP 14” conference in Sharm El-Shiekh under patronage of H.E. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi President of Arab Republic of Egypt.The Part You’ve Been Waiting ForAwards & Recognitionsaward winner theme mohamed roshdy website-Government & private sectors awards in EgyptEXCELLENCE IN GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE SECTORS WORKaward media leadership award winner winner theme mohamed roshdy websiteMEDIA LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNER OVER AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST, NOMINATED BY CEO GLOBAL MAGAZINE AFRICAworld Peace Forum Person of The Year award winner theme mohamed roshdy websiteWORLD PEACE FORUM GRANTED MOHAMED ROSHDY AS THE CHARACTER OF THE YEAR 2017award winner best director for tv commercials and ads 2018BEST DIRECTOR OVER LONDON 2018 NOMINATED BY TMT MAGAZINE IN UNITED KINGDOMaward winner best director for tv commercials and ads 2018BEST DIRECTOR OVER LONDON 2018 NOMINATED BY TMT MAGAZINE IN UNITED KINGDOM. Check what published about me in press! اختيار المخرج محمد رشدي لجائزة التميز في العمل الحكومي والخاص عن مصر والشرق الأوسطالمخرج محمد رشدي يحصد جائزة الريادة في الإعلام على مستوى القارة السمراءالمخرج محمد رشدي يحصد جائزة الريادة في الإعلام على مستوى القارة السمراءمحمد رشدي أفضل مخرج للإعلانات والدعاية والتسويق في انجلتراالمخرج محمد رشدي يطلق “كليب” جديدًا بعنوان “SLOW DOWN”المخرج محمد رشدي يطلق “كليب” جديدًا بعنوان “SLOW DOWN”محمد رشدي مخرج مصري اخترق أفريقيا وأوروباالمخرج محمد رشدي يحصل على جائزة التميز في العمل الحكومي والخاص. I Can Strongly ProvideImpressive Services and QualityDIGITAL MEDIA & PRDigital PR involves gaining high-quality backlinks from websites and online publications and honest customer reviews. We can help you reach your target customers by featuring your business on the websites they read, the podcasts they listen to and the social media accounts they love.FILMMAKINGFilm directors have ultimate control over the creative side of a film production. They are responsible for making a film as powerful, entertaining and effective as possible. Without skilful direction, a well-written film with an excellent cast of actors can fail. Everyone who plays a part in the production of a film is important, but the film director is (arguably) the most vital member of the team. From Productions and VFX to Post Productions and Video Editing.2D ANIMATION VIDEOSWe can state that 2d animation is a kind of cinematic digital pictures which are put into the 2-dimensional context. In short, this is the transition of classical painting art to the digital format. You may see the motion pictures everywhere on TV, in cinemas, at websites, and even at the billboards in the streets.DIGITAL MARKETING & ADVERTISINGDigital marketing is a worthwhile and effective marketing strategy because it focuses on highly-targeted, results-driven marketing that gives you the ability to advertise specifically to those in your industry. Because of this, it’s more accurate and affordable than traditional marketing.VIDEOGRAPHYIntegrating high-quality, professional video into your marketing strategy may seem unattainable — but it’s not. One of the advantages of working with Mohamed Roshdy’s digital marketing team is access to our many in-house specialists — including video experts. Our video production services department has the equipment and expertise necessary to script, shoot, edit, produce and distribute your video effectively, and in a way that aligns with and supports your marketing goals.BRANDINGBranding is important when trying to generate future business, and a strongly established brand can increase a business’ value by giving the company more leverage in the industry. This makes it a more appealing investment opportunity because of its firmly established place in the marketplace.DIGITAL DEVELOPMENTYour website is the only window where customers around the world can view your brand, your services, and your products. We help you design and deploy web and mobile websites that represent your brand clearly to your customers and provide exceptional customer experiences.POST PRODUCTION & VFX & ANIMATIONPost-production services are often offered by production companies or video agencies. By definition, post-production would include editing, special effects, and/or animation. However, it could also include distribution, such as sending your video out to television corporations or uploading the video online.GRAPHIC DESIGNSContent marketing strategies powered by dynamic media outperform all others, and with a variety of visual assets supporting your marketing, we turn your brand into an ROI engine.Attract a larger audience, nurture high-intent prospects and enhance customer engagement with design that matters.DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONDigital transformation creates significant changes for an organization’s information technology department and processes. But it can also create the need for major changes in the management and processes of other business functions. A truly effective transformation will impact every area of the organization. The success of the digital transformation of a company depends upon how the other departments react to the introduction of digital technologies and systems or fail to react.PROMOTIONAL / TRAILER VIDEOS FOR BRANDS & SERVICESPromotional videos can produce massive benefits for businesses and organizations of all types. We pride ourselves on our flexibility. We have delivered impactful promo videos for a wide selection of clients with a diverse range of business objectives.DIGITAL CONSULTATIONSDigital consulting services is focused on helping companies and organizations achieve their goals in the most efficient way and stay relevant in the market using information technology and digital channels.To this end, the range of services spans from strategy to system integration, data analytics and software management. As a result, the broad application of digital consulting breaks down into a range of definite benefits for business. About Filmmaker and Director Mohamed Roshdy in Egypt. 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SciTal – Educate To Liberate Ushering the Peer Learning Movement SciTal was born out of a deeply felt need to empower and liberate students' lives through education. We realized that this would be possible only if the paradigm and pedagogy of education aligns with the rapidly evolving world around us. Founded in July 2017, as an outcome of a series…