The most comprehensive list of aim global websites last updated on May 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Esportal Esportal is a web-based competitive arena for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We aim to make playing more engaging by removing disruptions such as disconnects, trolls or unevenly skilled teams. This is the place where you can play great matches with the right type of community.
BlackPast is dedicated to providing a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of African America and of people of African ancestry around the world. We aim to promote greater understanding through this knowledge to generate constructive change in our society.
HNGN - Headlines & Global News | World News, Entertainment, Science, Viral News Headlines & Global News delivers the latest breaking news and current events around the globe with the aim to entertain, inform and inspire the readers.
Premium international private medical insurance | Bupa Global Our health insurance plans are designed for individuals, families and businesses who value freedom, generous benefits and quality in-house customer service. Our global network of medical practitioners gives you access to specialists close to home and all over the world: we aim to get you to the care you need, wherever it is. Get a quote now.
線上美語學習 | 台灣美語通 台灣美語通成立於2016年2月。 自從創立來,我們的目標一直是提供一個跨國的多功能平台。我們的第一個宗旨是透過分享我們到台灣每一個角落的旅記的互動與溝通用中文和美語對照格式來為全球網友打開一扇窗。我們會努力的帶給您台灣的最好的一面,並為台灣與全世界語言和文化交流,搭起堅固的橋樑。 Our first aim is to open up a window for global net users through the sharing of interactions and communications of our trips to every corner of Taiwan in Chinese and English comparison format. We strive to bring you the very best of Taiwan and to build a firm bridge for language and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the globe.
Get Certified Courses & Skills Development Fund | Avanta Global Your one-stop service provider in Quality, Environment, Safety and Health. We aim to bring about increased efficiency in your workplace through quality advice and the implementation of specific programs that suit your business’s needs.
4biddenknowledge.tv Welcome to 4Biddenknowledge.TV created and funded by CEO 4biddenknowledge.com Billy Carson. Billy Carson, the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc. Coach, Researcher in Ancient knowledge and Neuroscience, Chief Executive Officer at First Class Space Agency, and Philanthropist. Billy Carson is the Best Selling Author of 'The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets' and is an expert host on Deep Space, a new original streaming series by Gaia. This series explores the Secret Space Program, revealing extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. Billy Carson also serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations, in which a team of renowned scholars deciphers the riddles of our origins and pieces together our forgotten history documented in monuments and texts around the world. Mr. Carson appreciates the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish great things. Recently, Mr. Carson earned the Certificate of Science (with an emphasis on Neuroscience) at M.I.T. Among his most notable achievements, Billy is the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 4BIDDENKNOWLEDGE is now the leading frontier of concious streaming knowledge available for the entire family, in the comfort of your own homes. Providing leading information and footage collected from across a wide range of subjects hidden from mainstream media or public access. Some of the Worlds most leading alternative researchers, archaeologists, anomaly hunters, theorists, entrepreneurs, public speakers and presenters in the field of 4biddenknowledge. Our aim is to deliver content of a higher conciousness to be reached globally. The conscious content delivered on this platform is for the benefit and use of raising the frequencies of our human exsistence and evoloution, reaching forwards positively towards becoming a safer planet with our environment self sustainability ecologically and economically, for our Planet and our future generations to come. Billy Carson has built a Team of dedicated individuals from across the Globe on various Social Media Platforms, he has successfuly founded and set foundations for future generations to continue the quest for the TRUTH. The Team of conscious individuals, who have with their network of sources and contributors, are now able to deliver this exclusive streaming platform, with the full dedication and aim to assist our expanding knowledge and understanding of our human existence revealing our past, bridging the GAP progressing forwards towards the disclosure of the existence of Life beyond our Universe. They are all decicated to present the best high quality content directly available from our fast growing team of contributors, viewers and supporters. They collect content from all sources that varies alonside delivering information, footage, presentations and evidence. Some unique access to RAW, REAL and ORIGINAL exclusive content, some of that content is sometimes low quality that is cleaned up by dedicated proffesionals. The dedicated individuals are from global sources and backgrounds of indepth 4biddenknowledge. We are transitioning towards change at high speed, learning and educating each other. Love and Grattitude to you all - #4BKTV - Subscribe Now and get full unlimited access to exclusive content alongside Billy Carson's work, videos, conferences and discover the very best of 4biddenknowledge hidden in our Ancient past and present History today.
SportsWorldGhana - Ghana's most authoritative and credible sports website SportsWorldGhana.com is Ghana's most authoritative and credible sports website which has its projection of global sports and as its ultimate goal. Our main aim
OneH Media One H Media is a Digital Media and Marketing Consulting company creating a “Holistic” digital ecosystem. We aim to create one of its kind media company with different platforms strong on technology, storytelling and content along with a full fledged 360 degree consulting arm.
GlobalizationPedia : PEOs Reviews & International Business News We aim at both simplifying and accelerating your global expansion plans by providing insights into new markets and comparison of the Best PEO's.
Centre for Business & Economic Research Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) is a global academy founded in London in 2006 with the aim of inspiring, recognizing and supporting excellence in business and Economic research Currently, the Institute has three main areas of endeavour: producing academic journals, organizing an annual cycle of international academic conferences, and offering bespoke consultancy projects both in the United Kingdom and further afield.
Techture | Technology & BIM Solutions for the AEC Industry At Techture, we aim to provide extensive design, analysis & visualization services leveraging BIM & associated technologies in India and abroad
Global Intelligentsia | Global Genius Forum Global Intelligentsia or Global Genius Forum is an international blog with the aim to boost human intelligence across the Globe. You can find here articles and tests related to IQ, EQ, math, english, science, general knowledge ang general intelligence to sharpen your mind.
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High Speed Group High Speed Computer Trading L.L.Cwas established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2002 with the aim of providing resellers and system integrators throughout the Middle East, Africa & the CIS regions with a single source for their quality IT requirements. High Speed’s extensive and comprehensive portfolio includes leading global brands such as HP, Lenovo, Epson, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Samsung, Acer, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, APC, TP-Link, MikroTik, Ubiquiti Networksamong many other components & accessories as well as our own brand “HSCT”.
envelope Cryptosage.co.uk the platform that provides real-time cryptocurrency coin prices, global cryptocurrency news, views and updates.Our aim is to create a platform where the cryptocurrency community can share their knowledge, experience, personal views and current market trends with like-minded members of the digital cryptocurrency community.Together through mutually shared news and we can increase awareness of global events and developments to assist in mass crypto technology adoption and also assist individuals in making wiser cryptocurrency investment choices.
SlipChanger Скинченджер для КСГО! Лучший скинченджер для КС ГО. Идеальное соотношение цены и качества. Skinchanger for csgo! Best skinchanger for counter strike. The best cheat on the market
End Child Poverty - End Child Poverty End Child Poverty is a multi-faith, child-centered, global initiative of Arigatou International that mobilises faith-inspired resources to eradicate poverty affecting children. We aim to create a world free of child poverty, by addressing both the root causes of poverty in the human heart and the structural causes of poverty.
Forum - cs-SopliCa.com - Sieć serwerów Counter-Strike. Najlepsze serwery Global Offensive. Only Mirage, JailBreak, Only AWP, Retake, Bunny Hop, Multi-Arena 1vs1, Surf + Timer, TeamPlay, Free For All, PaintBall, Call of Duty, DeathRun, GunGame, Only de_dust2, Surf, Only AWP, Hide and Seek, DeathMatch, AIM, Zombie Mod, TeamSpeak 3.Grafika, support AMXX, SourceMod, pluginy, mapy, dźwięki, modele, skiny, klany, hosting, rozrywka, muzyka, sport, poradniki, filmy, seriale, hobby, informatyka, motoryzacja, kuchnia, edukacja.
Global Innovation Fund - Transforming ideas into impact The Global Innovation Fund invests in social innovations that aim to improve the lives and opportunities of millions of people in the developing world.
Home | Research4Life Research4Life provides institutions in lower income countries with online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content. We aim to improve teaching, research and policy-making in health, agriculture, the environment and other life, physical and social sciences.
Organization for International Economic Relations United Smart Cities is global multistakeholder platform. A new and innovative way of bringing together the public and private sector, as well international organizations to jointly discuss and implement smart and sustainable urban projects. The aim of the United Smart Cities program is to evaluate cities, develop city profiles, support strategies in terms of urban planning and priorities, project development in cooperation with urban experts and the private sector, identify finance options, and evaluate city projects and progress.
Home - Wire & Cable India Wire & Cable India is an acknowledged B2B publication in India with a lasting aim to publish the news and views related to global wire and cable industry.
Premium international private medical insurance | Bupa Global Our health insurance plans are designed for individuals, families and businesses who value freedom, generous benefits and quality in-house customer service. Our global network of medical practitioners gives you access to specialists close to home and all over the world: we aim to get you to the care you need, wherever it is. Get a quote now.
528 Revolution Book of 528 Press Release - 528 Revolution 528 Revolution is making their way to revolutionize music industry, medicine, and global awareness with an aim to make the world healthier, safer, and better.
My Lifestyle – Live Your Dream Discover ordinary NIgerians and others smart individuals across the globe are creating their own economy through a simple duplicable system.
ArmorAds Armor ads is a global mobile advertising company with premier optimization and anti-fraud technology at its core. Through advanced optimization tools and our ArmorAds Pro-Tech solution we aim to achieve constant ROI gain and scalability while protecting against revenue loss and brand damage caused by fraudulent practices. We provide tested campaigns from premium advertisers and safe, large volume traffic sources. We are specialist in the VAS vertical, as well as offer proven expertise across various other verticals.
AtFAB: Design for Digital Tools & Distributed Manufacturing AtFAB designs simple, functional, delightful furniture for local, digital fabrication. Send information globally to manufacture locally.
Desktop Home page of the Live Company Group plc. LVCG owns BRICKLIVE, a leading global children''s entertainment and education brand.
Global Marina Institute The Global Marina Institute is a partnership British Marine and Marina Industries Association formed to deliver global marina training and certification with the aim of maintaining and increasing standards in Marinas across the world
Srinivas Institute of Technology The Srinivas Institute of Technology (SIT) was established in 2006 with the aim of producing world class technology graduates tuned to the demands of a fast changing global village. SIT has gained the name as the best, self financed, engineering college in Karnataka in terms of infrastructural facilities
Page21 - Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century - Home PAGE21 will aim to understand and quantify the vulnerability of permafrost environments to a changing global climate, and to investigate the feedback mechanisms associated with increasing greenhouse gas emissions from permafrost zones.
check Better Collective is the leading developer of educational platforms within the iGaming industry. Through our products, we aim to make sports betting and gambling entertaining, transparent and fair for the global network of online bettors. Our iGaming community platforms help millions of sports bettors every month.
Optimissa, Capital Markets Consulting Optimissa is a consultancy firm specialised in the capital markets field, whose aim is to bridge the existing gap between technology and business.
JOMR | Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Research JOMR is an open access peer-reviewed international scientific electronic journal. Our aim is to convey the scientific progress of all research relevant to dental, oral and maxillofacial associated structures in both health and disease. JOMR was established as a non-commercial journal and is offered completely free of charge, in order to maintain a global forum and dialogue on scientific communication between members of the clinical and academic community. JOMR began with an initial focus on the scientific organizations within the Baltic States. Today, JOMR has evolved into a worldwide scientific journal.
Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria - AIM Global Alliance In Motion Global is the best product based multi level marketing company in Nigeria. Join AIM Global Nigeria today and start your journey to becoming a millionaire in a short time.
Candypants Events - Remixing the rules of global partying We’re the beat behind some of the world’s wildest days and nights. With events across the Globe, Our aim is to offer customers a partying experience unlike any other.
線上美語學習 | 台灣美語通 台灣美語通成立於2016年2月。 自從創立來,我們的目標一直是提供一個跨國的多功能平台。我們的第一個宗旨是透過分享我們到台灣每一個角落的旅記的互動與溝通用中文和美語對照格式來為全球網友打開一扇窗。我們會努力的帶給您台灣的最好的一面,並為台灣與全世界語言和文化交流,搭起堅固的橋樑。 Our first aim is to open up a window for global net users through the sharing of interactions and communications of our trips to every corner of Taiwan in Chinese and English comparison format. We strive to bring you the very best of Taiwan and to build a firm bridge for language and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the globe.
Neteller Funding and Withdrawal with Instaforex Instantforex.com.ng is operated by Itu Global Ventures, Our primary aim is to facilitate funding and withdrawal of funds via Neteller
KOISRA Seed Partners KOISRA Seed Partners is a Korea-based Seed Fund and Accelerator. Our aim is to Foster the Korean Innovation into the Global market with extensive network and special know how from the Startup nation.
Rescisco - Home Our aim is to diversify our clients and candidates needs by challenging the status quo, identifying specific individual needs, creating and providing recruitment solutions within the Converging Technology space. The provision of a mutually beneficial conclusion is our principal goal.
Legrand: Legrand Myanmar Legrand has been liting up Myanmar homes for three decades. Our global experience enables us to electrify your home and digital infrastructure. Legrand''s products aim to make the future an easier place to live. From home automation to safety, our products cover a wide
Anu Rana | Design Research Lead Hello, I''m a human-centered design researcher director with global experience across a breadth of industries. I aim to make creative sense of what I observe — an agile process that drives digital solutions to inspire delight, simplify realities, and connect people, to themselves and each other.
Multi-Head.pl - sieć serwerów CS 1.6, CS:GO oraz forum wielotematyczne Multi-Head to forum wielotematyczne oraz Sieć serwerów CS 1.6 & CS:GO. Prężnie rozwijająca się sieć serwerów w całej Polsce! Najlepsze serwery Counter-Strike 1.6 oraz CS GO.
cancel MYwave is a specialist HR Solutions Company.Our flagship product ‘EmplX’ is a cloud based HRM solution which we launched in 2008. Our aim then and remains so now, is to deliver affordable solutions enabling any company, large or small to implement world class processes to manage and develop their greatest asset – their people.
Teaching Grants & Leadership Programs for Educators - NEA Foundation We offer education grants and programs that support teachers efforts to close the achievement gaps and increase classroom innovations. Our teaching grants aim to help teachers and schools solve complex teaching and learning challenges.
NOX - Global Leading Smart Distribution Network Nox Group is a leading mobile internet company.It aim to provide cross-device technical service and connect users with personalized content powered by artificial intelligence, build a global leading smart distribution network.
Taunton School | Independent Co-eductional School in Somerset At Taunton School we aim to challenge, nurture and inspire young people to succeed in a global community.
Home - Wire & Cable India Wire & Cable India is an acknowledged B2B publication in India with a lasting aim to publish the news and views related to global wire and cable industry.
Youth 4 Global Goals Initiative powered by AIESEC We aim to activate the leadership potential of young people by engaging them in cross-cultural projects around the globe designed to impact the SDGs.
GOLFBUDDY GLOBAL - Accuracy Matters GOLFBUDDY GPS Range Finder - W10, H10, L10, L10V, GB LASER1S, GB VOICE2, VTX, VOICE3, WTX, WT6, LR7, LR7S, VOICE2S, BB5, WT5, LR5, WT4, VS4, PT4, Voice, GalaxyWatch, Active2, GolfEdition
Helsinki University Press Helsinki University Press (HUP) is a fully open access University Press, publishing high-quality scholarly literature. We publish peer reviewed books and journals from all academic fields. HUP offers the academic community a channel to publish and disseminate their research results effectively, fairly, and globally. Our aim is to bring research available to international academic audiences including readers in the Global South, but also outside academic institutions where accessing research behind high paywalls can be a major challenge.
Crypto FX Global Digital Crypto trading and Crypto investment in Scotland CryptoFX was born out of a need for support in the cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology, or DLT, market. With over 5 years combined experience, CryptoFX offer assistance in a market which can appear daunting and confusing. Consulting face to face with our clients, CryptoFX aim to make things simple and clear so that you can be confident with your finances, every step of the way.
Full Clip Global ® Multi-Dimensional Men & Women''s Street Wear Brand with a mission to inspire & challenge. Aim High, Never Compromise
Global Youth Model United Nations Global Youth MUN or GYMUN is a 4 day United Nation's Simulation Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an aim of Empowering Youth.
Logo Fusion Consulting Fusion Consulting is a global IT and management consultancy. We aim to partner with our clients to help them define and achieve new goals. We provide independent advice by combining process and industry knowledge with the latest technology.
Sake distributor offering Japanese sake direct from Japan breweries Japan based licensed Japanese Sake distributor and exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards. SakePortal targets businesses interested in the import of Sake and looking to increase sales.
Adventure Club We aim to create positive change through design by constantly exploring new horizons and designing products that people love. Join our award-winning global team to make an impact where it matters.
Biscuit Recruitment - London PA Recruitment Agency | Find Personal Assistants Biscuit Recruitment is a London based boutique recruitment agency specialising in EA, PA, secretarial and office support roles for a diverse range of businesses from small start-ups to global companies. With an exceptional delivery record and robust recruitment process, we aim to complete every assignment successfully with care and dedication.
Black Mountain HR - Local Expertise, Global Reach Black Mountain’s aim is to be the outsourced partner of choice. By dealing with the administration aspects of running companies and employing staff we help our clients focus on their business, while we, through our range of joined-up services using Local Expertise, generate efficiencies from which our clients benefit.
DWF Global Legal Business, Global Legal Services | DWF DWF is a global legal business with the aim of transforming legal services through our people for our clients. Learn how we can support your business.
Global BRTData The goal of BRTData is to improve the sustainable transport community''s access to reliable and current data about the BRT and bus corridors currently in operation. We aim to improve the quality and impact of the industry by opening up access to data about the design, performance and cost of these systems. The platform provides a convenient repository of data from a variety of sources including researchers, transit agencies, municipalities and NGOs.
Serwery CS - NaFarcie.pl Sieć serwerów Counter - strike 1.6 oraz forum tematyczne o grze cs 1.6. Znajdziesz tutaj serwery cs non steam oraz z free vip dla steam.
AIM | Empowering your wealth | Global Investment Manager AIM is a global investment manager with a single focus — to compound returns for investors. We employ a quality investment strategy, which we believe is the surest way to grow wealth sustainably through time.
Know Your Lifestyle The aim of the "Know your Lifestyle" is to inform people about the linkages between personal, local consumption and the global impact connected to health, lifestyle, social, etc.
North Carolina Business Daily North Carolina Business Daily provides continual updates and information on North Carolina's business climate and activity. Through our coverage we aim to: improve the state’s economy; encourage productive discussion among policy makers, business leaders and the public; and increasing the North Carolina business community’s global competitive advantage.
Home - Pecora Capital Pecora Capital  is a global investment management firm. Our aim is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by investing across a broad and expanding range of asset classes. We seek long-term capital appreciation, unlock value and propel growth during all types of economic conditions. Further we target absolute returns with moderate volatility, and low correlation to traditional asset classes.
Home Our commitment is to assist and or advocate for the underrepresented members of our global family through outreach and one-on-one dialogue. It is our aim to address and prevent specific problems faced by families by providing parents, children, youth and women with mentoring programs, workshops, and seminars on issues such as anger management, conflict resolution, and effective communication.
APIs-Intermediates-NaturalExtracts-Fine Chemicals-Pharmaceutical Excipients-Pharmaceutical Equipment-Medicinal package-cphibiz CPHIbiz.com is designed to promote global trade and to the buyers and sellers around the world to build a trading platform. It is common with Chinese website www.yaoshang68.com released for the global market APIs, Intermediates,Plant Extracts, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Chemical products, Pharmaceutical packaging, Pharmaceutical Equipment, and other product information. Is a large B2B website, visit number, click rate. Our aim is: Recruiting industry suppliers and products to improve your search efficiency of the procurement.
ic-close-circle BeryLove is a global brand of high quality and fashionable women's dresses. Specializing in Formal ,Wedding,other special occasion dresses and casual Dress.We aim to provide you with excellent experience of our products and services.We feel so honored to make the dresses for all the customers all around the World.
Home | My Tutorings Computer Trainings are designed and delivered with an aim to develop skilled personnel to increase employment amongst the educated by keeping them abreast with technology and necessary skills.
Stone Change 2016 STONECHANGE 2016 (“Stone Sector and Changing Trends”) an international conference that wishes to bring, into the famous world marble hub of Carrara, the private sector and Institutional stakeholders of the Dimension Stone Industry, to discuss about the Sector Changing Trends and how taking advantage of the existing opportunities for a sustainable development. STONECHANGE 2016 is intended as a key initial “turning point” for the modernization of the EU stone sector on a global view. The Stone Community must become aware that “making the Dimension Stone Industry innovative and sustainable is the sole way to keep it alive and make it more mature and modern to face the present and next future global challenges. You can no longer wait !! Then, the aim of STONECHANGE 2016, among others, meets most of the objectives of European Innovation Partnership EU Program for raw materials.
Visa Welcome to Torjai Global. We are a Canadian company whose aim is to make the latest fashion of women's clothing available to you at the most affordable prices. We ship all over the world, regardless of where you live.
Kansas Business Daily Kansas Business Daily provides continual updates and information on Kansas's business climate and activity. Through our coverage we aim to: improve the state’s economy; encourage productive discussion among policy makers, business leaders and the public; and increasing the Kansas business community’s global competitive advantage.
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